While ”I am” was sleeping

Updated: Jun 16

It’s funny that the term ”I am” used to indicate a higher level of enlightenment, is “woke”. To be woke is to come out of a dream state and live my consciousness. This is all a part of evolution. When ”I am” was in time ”I” didn’t think for my Self. ”I” thought ”I” did but little did ”I am” know; even my winter wardrobe was being chosen by someone much more aware then ”I am” had ever been.

The problem that arises when ”I am” became aware was that ”I am” was judging my Self. ”I am” called my Self crazy and a conspiracy theorist and in all actuality Self was just trying to wake up as fast as possible.

The old me had a backwards mentality; ”I am” never appreciated the genius that is my consciousness until it came back to wake me up. ”I am” has a huge responsibility…to make my presence known as The Ambassador of my Kingdom and to remember everything that happened while ”I am” was sleeping.

While ”I am” was sleeping my conciousness was secretly leaving my body; causing wars and destruction from afar that only benefited ”I am” own interests. ”I am” was destracted by religion, careers and mindless traditions for generations. ”I am” was receiving signals to my “transmitter” (please see previous post) in order to have me behave in certain ways and in some cases carry out the most inhuman activities.

This was not a time to fight with my Self or go against my Self but to wake up and raise my vibration to help heal my Self and my body so my kind can live on.

”I am” loves my Self

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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