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Updated: Mar 7

Just when I was settling in and innerstanding what it means to live a fifth dimensional existence; Source grabbed my hand and said “come up here”. I have a innerstanding of the dimensions mainly 1-7 and there was a time where I received “notice ” that the dimensions are unlimited but I never considered that one could experience anything higher than the fifth dimension while remaining in my body. Boy was I wrong. Last week Source gave me instructions that every day (literally everyday) I will learn something that will assist me with ascending in a way unlike before.

I can’t be attached to anything; even thoughts and ideas because they eventually become a comfort zone or aka a parameter. Of course I said “ok” but it dawned on me as I was flipping through an old journal that the comfort zone I was now in, was in the fifth dimension. I had written notes about this realm over a year ago.. and at the time that I wrote it I couldn’t even mentally grasp the concept of moving in and out of realms. However, off to the right side of the margin I had scribbled “this is realm 10”. I also wrote a note to Source Creator that I want to share with you:

I thank you for taking me to this new plane, for stretching my mind to be able to receive the messages that you are sending. Thank you for making contact with me. Help me to understand the things that confuse me. There is nothing that I am asking for minus an explanation of how one manifestation bleeds into the other. In my mind it’s almost like two realms overlapping but I ask for guidance and direction. Please help me to gain and maintain a positive attitude and perspective

I also wrote a quote from someone that states:

“when you awaken to the final secret; which is that you have been awake the whole time”

That makes so much sense on so many different levels. I often look back and realize that “I was already there”. I just didn’t realize that I had forgot.

The innerstanding of how realms “overlap” each other is due to one word Remnant. A remnant is a trace amount of something that remains- think of it like a trickle down effect. The fifth dimension is now the primary realm of existence for my being so whatever my higher self is creating it creates a trickle down effect and whatever I am aware of is what I receive. If my Higher Self is creating a paradise for me but I am not thinking in terms of raising my vibration then everything will appear to be negative. And that snowballs into me complaining, being complacent and internal corruption.

How would you feel if your working so hard to give someone a better existence or a better experience but all they do is complain about it? I used to be so unhappy with my job and my Higher Self kept showing me signs that I was not supposed to be there. It manifested into a poor work environment.

Instead of me going within to seek guidance I put myself through that low frequency everyday and complained about it everyday. Meanwhile my Higher Self is like “I’m trying to help you”. But if I remember to not forget who I am than that paradise that my Higher Self is creating will be visible in every aspect of my life.



I originally posted this blog yesterday but since then I found an amazing word…..that realm of 10 actually applies to a dimensionless field. Source is alpha and omega which is the one. The zero implies the nothingness. The number ten doesn’t even exist up here. This field is the place where Source works, it can’t be defined it can’t be labeled… it just is.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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