Jumping Timelines

Updated: Mar 7

The most notable time jumper is none other than Nikola Tesla. There have been more but he is the most noteworthy given the fact that he was working with frequency and energy during a time where people were still killing witches. I went within to ask a few questions:

  • How do you jump time?

  • How come Nikola wasn’t very found of circles?

  • Is a spiral the same thing as a circle?

“Yes, a spiral is a circle with momentum aka time. That is the design of the outer verse. Everything is designed based around the spiral. Nikola was in tune with the innerverse; therefore creating things and ideas that were considered to be before his time. While everyone/everything else rotates in this spiral,Nikola was on a frequency that even Gaia had not seen. You; my beloved are a hyper-rectangular cube and that allows you to rise…… not rotate. Giving way to higher consciousness, deep understanding and a view that has not been observed by beings that are still in the spiral (time). That is your quantum field and how beautiful is that? There is one consciousness; however Gaia is changing and you have been chosen to teach this new momentum designed for this now. You were given the title of Goldie because you are the Golden Key mentioned by Brahma so many ages ago. You are literally standing on the shoulders of greatness and hold a responsibility to open doors that have never been opened before thank you.”

Timeline hack:

At this point I should gno that the number 11 symbolizes a door. Each timeline starts at a door and ends at another door. When I consciously observe these doors, that is my opportunity to jump timelines. If I am engaging in an activity and I observe the 11; that is my opportunity to continue on the current timeline (by continuing with whatever I was doing) or by jumping timelines (doing the complete opposite of what I was just previously doing).

safe travels 🚀🚀🚀

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