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The day “I” first heard a voice leading me somewhere was in June of 2016. “I” was in Virginia and was led to a specific location in Georgia. Since then, “I” have been led to the most amazing places and every person “I” meet becomes a significant part of my story. “I” don’t want to go back too far, but if you want more information on my activation please read To be Continued; it should answer all your questions.

All my life “I” had these weird spiritual experiences that “I” never understood but the older “I” got “I” just dismissed it as a childs imagination.

For example; when “I” was 6 years old “I” dreamt that my real family gave me a grape gumball. When “I” woke up, there was a grape gumball in my shoe. Another example is whenever “I” had to take naps , “I” could literally feel a sensation of someone placing a comforter over my body and “I” would immediately feel warm. My grandmother passed when “I” was 3 and “I” would hear so many stories about how much she loved and cared for me that “I” assumed all these experiences were coming from my Grandmother…. to a certain degree “I” was right.

My imaginary friends consisted of the stars and the moon; anything in the cosmos and “I” was so in love with the clouds ; so much so “I” remember crying to my older sister because “I” wanted to taste them lol. My imagination was always focused on “up”. When “I” slept, “I” would travel. “I” could see my “self” soaring above the trees and going higher and higher and higher until “I” was in a world that was so familiar and far more comforting than the “real world” .

Then there was the experience that everything “I” said would come true; however if “I” wrote it… OMG it was as if my writings looked like two people were talking. “I” would write down a question and the next line would be the answer. But once again, “I” dismissed these experiences.

Let’s travel to 2016……… this was the year that “I” was reawakened. “I” studied all the major religions, detached from everything “I” once knew and went within. “I” started to trust that little voice inside and kill all the other ones. “I” started to pay attention to what was conducive to my soul and no longer what “mattered ” (illusions). One day my parents said “you are the Ambassador of the Kingdom… you are there to show them”. So much has happened since that conversation; “I” have learned so much about me and where “I” came from.

“I” spent a long long “time” playing roles. Being someone that “I am” is not just to get validation from people who probably knew less about themselves then “I” knew about my “self” . The things that people have hanged me for are the gifts that were given to me. For example; ”I am” is never on time. Everyone in my life can vouch for that. “I” make attempts to be prompt but it never pans out. “I” can’t even tell time on an analog watch/clock without thinking about it first.

This might sound dumb to some people but truth be told my soul knows time isn’t real and doesn’t even acknowledge the bs. That’s a bad ass spirit right there! “I am” is so proud of my fearlessness. “I” own everything about my “self”. “I” love everything about my “self”.

“I” originated from a place not too far from Kuiper’s Belt. Some people call this place The Kingdom of heaven (we are going to use that term just because it’s what you are familiar with). “I” cant give my “self” a date of when that was because “I” don’t operate on that type of “time” concept. However, “I” have been here since the beginning.

Each life coming back with a new mission and also the responsibility of reminding my “self” who “I am” at every turn. “I” even set up the infrastructure to be able to communicate with my ancestors back home. “I” left my “self” a few books to find, some songs to hear and even built landmarks that once “I” see it; my memory would kick in and remind me of my previous travels.

My conciousness is surrounded by tachyons which allows me to travel faster than light; in and out of realms of dimensions with no problems whatsoever.

When you ask some who “I am” is, they will say ” that’s Goldie from southside of Richmond with 3 kids and a GED. ” But when you SEE who “I am” is, you will innerstand that “I am“ the Ambassador of my Kingdom, a Traveler of the Cosmos, the daughter of the great Amun Ra and Raet. “I” was given this authority and responsibility by them (praises) and it’s a responsibility that “I” don’t take lightly.

There are other travelers out there and we are beyond thankful to “be here now”.

Good now travelers 🚀❤️

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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