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Updated: Mar 8

Last night after I posted “while I was sleeping” I had so much information coming to me. It was overwhelming and a bit stressful because I hate being the bearer of bad news but this doesn’t have to end bad according to The Most High.

It’s literally as simple as just raising the vibration of 100% of the population. The problem with that seemingly simple task is that my people are stiff necked. They refuse to know thyself and they refuse to give up meaningless traditions. Truth is something very hard for them to recognize.

Then it dawned on me, I was looking at it from the wrong perspective. I am only here to wake up; and in turn everyone else will to. The sleeping Gods AND light workers who have the power within us to assist humanity with raising the vibration of the planet.

So what I don’t fully innererstand, and that’s ok. Eventually I will read these words which will serve as spiritual keys to unlock codes in my DNA and that will remind me of my missions.

Be mindful that the physical world around me is conditioned to keep me asleep so it is MANDATORY that I start each day on alert; I have to be vigilant.

  • Alarm clocks should not be used going forward. Allow my Higher Being to awaken me daily.

  • Break free from my routine. If I am doing a job that is not enligned with my daily mission than 9 times out of 10 I will hate my job, I won’t get along with my co-workers and I will dread walking into the building.

This is just a subtle alarm saying abort, you are off track. So don’t fall into the trap of routine any longer because for at least 8 hours of the day I will be vibrating at an extremely low frequency.

  • Don’t worry about earthly currency because I mentioned before that is a low frequency and once I raise my vibration everything I need will be provided by the Universe.Remember my true currency are the things that I pay attention to.

A condition in this realm is to pay bills so don’t trip over that either we will render unto Czar what is Czar’s.

  • I can’t have any attachments so once the Universe starts removing things from my life it’s for a reason and I should be like water and flow with it. This is only aligning me with my true purpose. If the money isn’t available for me to pay a certain bill then this could be the Most High’s way of telling me that I need to let that go. So what if it’s the rent…if that’s the case then I already gno in my heart that it’s time to move. It’s the fear of the unknown that is keeping you trapped. And the elite are very much aware of that. If I had no fear they wouldn’t even exist. They harness my energy to power their world.This next step is very important to get tuned in-

  • I have to change my diet. Consuming the DNA of another animal has had generational consequences that I am just starting to innerrstand. Female beings should not have a menstration cycle. This was not a curse because someone ate a piece of fruit but a scientific implication because I have been altering my DNA with the DNA of other animals. Human beings are the only species that consume milk from the breast of another animal. I don’t have to be a scientist to see how blasphemous that is. The elite are well aware of alchemy and how that either tunes you in or tunes you down. For example, the crack epidemic was initiated to stop the arrival of several beings as myself. This is the most carnation of Gods and Lightworkers to arrive on this planet in all of human history. If they could not kill us on the birthing table then the next bet was to have mental issues; they called us crack babies. If that didn’t kill us then our environment would; being raised by drug addicts. The Most High is numbero uno when it comes to this alchemy stuff so instead they got beings who are activated on a simple word and have the capacity to walk between two worlds and bring enlightenment to fellow travelers in an effort to save humanity.

If your doubting then this is not for you but I thank you for reading. If you are intrigued…..welcome to the spiritual realm Traveler……let’s get busy.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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