So that’s a pic of my very first car… I named him Smitty. I was the first one out of my circle to have a car so we would pack deep in the Honda. That car took me to a lot of places… mainly in and around Richmond. I had a new freedom when I got my first car. I had reflection sessions in it by myself…..crying about drama, praying about secrets or listening to the hottest mixtape. It was a comfortable attachment in my life.

But there came a time when Smitty started breaking down on me. I mean this car would turn off in mid go mode! It happened a few times until one day Smitty completely died. Nothing would make this car come back. I took it to a mechanic and asked that they put it somewhere nice! I would pay thousands to be able to keep it in one place and be able to come back and see it whenever I needed that comfort. I had so many awesome memories with Smitty and I wasn’t ready to part with that.

I know this sounds utterly ridiculous but that’s the same concept of death. My body is the vehicle that I use to carry myself around. When someone “dies” we pay to put them somewhere around more empty vessels and come back to see them whenever we need their presence.

This is building temples worshipping a false Diety. The energy that once was housed in that vessel is now transmuted into something else. I CAN NOT DIE! I repeat, I CAN NOT DIE! So really when I used to visit those “graveyards” your really worshipping the death angel… giving power to create more of the same. That is why death comes in three’s. The universe speaks with numbers and three represents completion of a cycle or season. By indulging in a death ritual such as a funeral you are literally telling the Universe to bring in the death season. When Yahweh said “let the dead bury the dead” he meant let the mentally dead people bury this dead vessel. They aren’t vibrating at a high enough frequency to understand how ridiculous it is to attach a ritual to something as needed and necessary as transmuting energy. If you want to experience the presence of that person then look for their energy… its there. What you perceive as death is actually a spiritual door to take you into your next mission or life. Depending on what frequency you are on when that door shows up is what dictates where you are going next. Not because you “tithed” and went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. When you start understanding truth you will come to realize that all man made systems are just as ridiculous as praying to a death diety.As vibrating beings we will transmute our energy into pretty much anything you can imagine but if its low you can literally be the energy that is now housed in a vessel going to a slave ship. Yes, this is what Kanye meant when he said slavery is a choice. He may not have fully grasped what he was speaking but I put that seed in him so that knowledge could sprout. A good teacher gets minds ignited to spark conversation and gets people to start asking questions.Time is not real its a tool. Why do we say “good morning ” , “good afternoon ” or “good night?” Sure its nice, it’s common courtesy.. but WHY? It had to start from a thought. The thought was let us give the masses “cues” or verbal reminders to train their conscious mind to believe that these blocks of time actually exist. Depending on your level of consciousness you are either enslaved to the idea of your past or your future; to be free from those systems is to operate soley in the now.When we raise to new frequencies that old you is what dies. That person no longer exists. I lost count of how many times I have heard ” you changed “. Look, even if I tried (and I have tried) I couldn’t go back to the person I once was. Its like if I walked on the Tesla lot looking for Smitty. Even if they had a ’89 Civic it wouldn’t have any of the features that I would need to successfully navigate through my current environment.Lets back this up with a few scriptures:By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”~ Genesis 3:19And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.~ Daniel 12:22Both of these scriptures talk about your energy being returned to Source and depending on your frequency you either will awaken to your true self (safe in the knowledge that you are an Immortal being and death will never touch you) or experience shame and everlasting contempt. Shame and contempt are those things that we experienced BEFORE we reached a higher frequency. The pressure of being like everyone else, the rat race, etc. Like I mentioned before when you get to a higher frequency even if you wanted to turn down, you couldn’t. The Most High said you SHALL awake. Meaning there is no going back.Also travelers, be sure to read the scriptures. A lot of it was changed by man but remember you have DNA that will only be activated by certain words. So once you start reading you might only get 2 verses in before you are stuck on one word asking questions and defining the true meaning of those words that have been written. You will soon come to understand that specific chapters were messages left just for YOU. People will tell you that its for everyone but its not. The scriptures had to come into the fullness of “time” for it to be understood. For example if you read about Yahweh having followers 20 years ago you would think that meant people walking around following him… but in the fullness of time that actually means on a network or aka social media. How did you think he was able to reach so many? He didnt walk that far in his Vans. And yes, Vans are mentioned as well but generations ago had no clue what vans were so they assumed it was a large crowd of people moving in unison or “caravan “. When truthfully they are describing how we move around today… in cars (machine) or Vans (feet). Once that DNA starts unlocking and pulling back that veil you will be humbled by how intentional The Most High is.-transmission ended

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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