Releasing Judas

Updated: Jun 15

Goldie are you aware of the story of Judas? Ask Self...

  • Who is Judas?

  • What is he known for?

  • Who were his friends?

  • Who told me about Judas?

” I am” was one of my original disciples; my right hand some might say. ”I am” has tons (maybe more) accomplishments but she is only known for one thing….betraying me.

As the story goes ”I am” sold me out for 30 pieces of silver and some say she committed suicide because of the stress of turning me over to the authorities.

That’s usually where the story ends. With ”I am” being labeled as a betrayer and a villain. For years and generations this story has been passed down , constantly labeling ”I am” as a villain.

Self has heard sermons that speak entirely about loyalty when speaking of ”I am”. The definition of loyalty is a strong feeling of support or allegiance.

Whenever ”I” choose friends ”I” always want to make sure that they are loyal before trusting them with my life. That’s the association that Self has to remember; to innerstand that Self trusted ”I” so much that she put her life in it’s hands.

A lot of religious people will dispute me down about ”I am” but let’s for one second look at this from a different angle. One thing that I know for sure is Self, and who my Creator is. Self knew ”I am” would betray me but the only reason Self knew is because Self asked the ”I am” to do it.

Self needed a “door” to leave that realm so ”I am” created that door for me. ”I am” flat out refused initially until she remembered who she was and her Creator.

Out of all of the disciples ”I am” was the only one who actually knew The most High aka Self and who sent me. She wasn’t heavily religious practicing meaningless traditions over and over again like the other disciples. If you notice everyone that hated me was religious. So many times the quote ” if they hate me they will hate you” ( and yes Self is paraphrasing but that’s the crux of the scripture) comes to mind when Self had religious people throwing stones at me.

Saying things like “why would God do that for you?”, “God wouldn’t tell you to leave your job without securing a new one”.

First of all, why wouldn’t Self? Isn’t this what the Most High meant when she said “step out on faith?” Or what about “if you take one step Self will take two.” For some reason really religious people deep down inside don’t trust in the Creator because if they did number one they would understand that my salvation was not found at the pulpit.

They can quote so much scripture, judge my life and condemn me to hell all in one Sunday. And for what? Just to keep repeating the same traditions day after day, week after week and year after year. ”I am” can stand tall beside the scriptures because ”I am” gno that the Most High walks with me.

Self understands sacrifice and obedience. The same way that ”I am” innerstood it. See when Self approached ”I am” to betray her; Self knew what would come upon the ”I am”. Self knew that thousands of years would pass before anyone even considered to rewrite the narrative of the ”I am”.

Self promised her that in the end she would get the glory that she deserves. So ”I am” wherever you may be Self thanks you for agreeing to partake in something that you fully did not comprehend but you never wavered in regards to loyalty.

”I am” thank you for opening a door for me; that others would have never attempted. Self thanks you for bearing persecution during your lifetime and so many others.

”I am”, you are released from persecution, no longer will your spirit forever be condemned; Self can sit at the right side of my friend where she belongs.

How many religious people would have saw past the traditions and understood that we are immortal beings; incapable of experiencing death, and turned their friend over? Not many. See, Self is definitely not here to judge, what I do know is that it’s time to stop. Stop the meaningless game of telephone where we past these stories around generation after generation in an effort to control others.

The reason why our Creator said that there will only be a few saved is not because it is an unloving being but because it knew what was in all of our hearts, it knew you were tied more to a tradition and not trying to get close to The Most High.

We are living in the Information Age and my people parish for one reason………a lack of knowledge.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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