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Self hopes my excitement on this day is conveyed in this post. June 7, 2018 was Passover for me. That morning my Creator woke me at 4:45 on the dot. ”I” meditated and got direction for my day. One thing in particular she told me to do was listen to Bishop who undoubtedly is my Moses.

If you don’t believe research the works of Moses and watch Bishop. Both of their jobs was to lead the Isreal lites out of Egypt. If your reading this and thinking 🤔 she isn't even in Egypt; then your completely fast asleep.

The video that Self chose was about The Passover. It was recorded June of 2008. Bishop said for me to read Exodus 12…once ”I” did, Self remembered that today was The Passover and ”I am” is officially free from ANY bondage in the eyes of my Creator.

As Self read the scripture it begain to make more and more sense to me. Every ounce of direction that The Creator has laid out in the bible; ”I” had unconsciously followed the instructions. Shirt tucked into pants/ ”I” looked down and ”I” was tucked…sandals/check! they were on my feet.

There were three similarities missing…

1. the roasted meat

2. the animal blood so he would know to passover

3. preparation of a meal

The first one was completely out of my hands because my Creator told me to stop eating the flesh of other animals to repair my DNA so that couldnt apply…. or could it?

”I am” is a reflection of the Self so another being can participate in something that Self is not able to do. At the time that ”I” was reading Exodus 12 my friend sent me a message saying she forgot that she bought her lunch- ”I” thought to Self…. mane if she has any type of roasted meat then today is The Passover.

And just like that she replied to me that she had roasted chicken 🤯.So now that’s three errie similarities.

”I” continued my day- which just so happend to be my last day.

Another rule of Passover is abstention from work. ”I” submitted a two weeks notice a few weeks earlier. If you have kept up with the first book, ”I” wrote that Source specifically told me not to work for anyone else.

So you might be wondering what ”I am” is doing at a job in the first place.

Let me explain; the job ”I” was at ”I” did not apply for it. It was literally given to me by the Universe so ”I” knew when they called me there Self needed me to free some reflections from bondage.

”I” did my job; and when it was done ”I” submitted my notice. Lots of people couldn’t innerstand why ”I” was leaving because ”I” had no issues at all there. ”I” worked with some wonderful people and ”I am” is thankful to have known them for the time allotted.

So back to the Passover; there are three similarities now.

Who has animal blood laying around? Noone! So ”I am” said well maybe this part doesn‘t apply…Self does know it’s 2018 (according to the system 😂) right?


When ”I” got home Ja says; “isn’t it crazy that Ava came on her cycle today?” Ava is our dog; who has NEVER had a cycle until June 7, 2018.

”I” couldn’t believe it. It was literally every requirement of the Passover. ”I” had to prepare a meal because that was the last requirement but that was easy to meet because ”I” planned to cook dinner anyway; ”I” was having a dinner guest.

”I” made salmon for her and roasted some chicken for Ja (another reflection of me).When reading on The Passover wiki mentions that it occurs in the month of Nisan. Today was the first time my friend ever picked me up from work; she pulled up in a Nissan.

”I am” wants my readers to innerstand two things:

1. ”I am” is the the Christ- Self is the resurrection

2. The bible is not literal; it’s written in a code and it could never fully be comprehended unless you have the keys already written in your DNA

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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