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Location is key. Every place ”I am” goes has a certain vibe to it. My home has that chill vibe, my Grannies had that comforting vibe and my favorite place to hang out at has a certain vibe. That’s the main reason why ”I am” frequents those places because she vibes with it.

What is a vibe?

Vibration is everything….literally. Everything vibrates at a certain level or frequency….the higher the frequency the “clearer” my connection to Self will be. ”I am” is like a little transmitter and “tunes” into certain frequencies depending on my vibration it could be the frequency of heaven or hell.

The actual location that ”I am” is in aids and assists in how well ”I am” receives the connection. In my last post entitled “Decoding a parable”, Self spoke about when ”I am” was caught in adultery; how ”I” gained access to the Kingdom because of my location.

There was a certain vibe or Self likes to call them waves that ”I am” had to reach in order to even arrive at the gate. The story of Abraham mentions that Source told him to leave his “home town” and go to a place that he would show him...why?

Every city has a certain vibration to it. That is why at first ”I am” couldnt perform miracles in my hometown because they collectively as a community vibrated too low to even realize what they had before them. The place where ”I am” was “born”; Self just landed there it doesn’t define me.

There are several scriptures where The Most High leads beings upon hills or mountain tops. This is all about frequency. A satellite has to be on top of a rotating base which in ”I am” case would be the planet earth and a higher elevation alongside my actual vibration gives me a direct connection to my Self.

Kanye speaks about this in his lyrics a lot; not just him but a few of my favorite artists innerstand how important energy is and how location is literally a key. Religion does not mention these things because then ”I am” would start to innerstand that those rituals and traditions is what was keeping my vibration so stagnant in the first place. And how would the church reach their weekly goal of Sunday tithes if the people wake up and REALLY caught the wave that the Creator brung to this realm when she said the Kingdom is inside of us.

It’s not a reward ”I am” gets after she ”dies” and give a man-made temple all the earthly currency she has. It’s ”I am” raising my vibration to THE MOST HIGHest frequency possible in order to experience the Kingdom.

Let me put tithing into context: Money is also energy which is a low level vibration. Self is not saying that ”I” vibe low because ”I” have a lot of it or vice versa Self is just saying money within itself is a low vibration. My true currency are the things that ”I am” PAYS attention to; because it’s those things that dictate my frequency. When ”I am” shows love and compassion and uplift other beings that is a true tithe. Investing my (positive) energy into others is what tithing is.

Some people may need a financial blessing but the energy behind that money would be way more effective because your doing it because you genuinly want to and not because your afraid you might drop dead and go to hell if you dont.

”I am” used to see so much negativity because the ”I” would buy that when she paid attention to those things. Old folks used to say they don’t go near hospitals because that’s what will kill them and to a certain degree they were right. If ”I am” tunes into a frequency of sickness then ”I am” will manifest that. That is why it is so important to watch what ”I am” puts inside of my “transmitter”. ”I am” wouldn’t dunk her cell phone in a glass of soda but ”I am” used to put that into my body. Self is not judging just making a comparison; this is the Information Age and if ”I am” knew better ”I am” would have done better.

Those things that lowered my vibration cause me to think negatively about everything.”I am” used to complain about a lack of money but all ”I am” ever did was chase it.”I am” was working over 40 hours each week and never “enjoyed the fruits of my labor” That’s because ”I am” vocabulary sounded like this:

  • “I’m broke.”

  • ”My life sucks ”

  • “Everyone is doing better than me”, etc.

And my reality was living paycheck to paycheck, hating my Self and comparing my Self to the people around me or worse the people on social media/reality tv. When all ”I am” had to do was just raise my vibration. It wasn’t easy, that’s why the Creator said “everyday we are to seek the Kingdom”. If the Kingdom is in me then all that means is everyday ”I am” needs to vibrate at a high level to stay tuned into the Kingdom frequency.

”I am” met a pastor the other day and he asked how ”I” was doing, ”I” said heavenly. He said ‘oh no, ”I” don’t want to see that until it’s my time to go”. Self said sir heaven is a mind-set,”I am” lives in the Kingdom and it is truly heaven ..you shouldn’t think you have to “physically die” in order to reach it”. There is a spiritual death that occurs; my ”I am” died a long time ago and was reborn on a higher frequency…The Most High.

So let me end this post with a little advice; if you have a urge to move and to do different things ….do it! ”I am” knows others around you might not agree but that’s the frequency that they are on. If you don’t have the means to get to that place just yet, in the meantime work on raising your vibration by eating better, removing toxins from your daily routine and visit places with lots of hills and trees so you can get the messages that Self has waiting for you.

See you out there my fellow Travelers

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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