Over the weekend three of my time lines were engaging in the same thing at the same time without either of us being aware. We all had the urge to go get our nails done and to have them painted as natural as possible. When the “I” had a conversation with each of them “I“ was so shocked that they were engaging in the same activity with the same intentions that “I” had.

One was in a completely different  state. But all of that had to mean something. “I” begain to research hands; starting with scripture and each time the “right hand of God” was mentioned “I” thought about the brain.

There is a right side and a left side. In Michelango’s The Creation of Adam painting, notice that the God is actually inside one half of the man‘s brain. There is one side that you can become a slave to and there is another side that houses your freedom.

The right hand- or the idea or concept to think with a new part of my brain will unlock or remove the veil that was limiting me to a three dimensional reality/experience. Everything the “I” does is a product or remnant of something experienced in a higher realm. For example, “I am“ the consciousness of the Most High experiencing what it’s like to live as a physical being…. in a higher dimension “I am” literally just consciousness…so the “I” will experience the “remnant” of what is actually affecting me as my higher “self” which is pure consciousness. This happens both ways. My actions down here are magnified up there. So if the “I” worships a diety down here once the “I” travels into a new timeline; The “I” most likely is going to become the servant aka slave to that deity there. Thankfully, my “I’s gno better so we do better.

Each life the “I” has lived, “I” get to experience new things but also innerstand who “I am” in relation to those things. My hands are metaphors for what’s being reached for… it’s a metaphor for how the “I” feeds the ”self” , how the “I” cleans the “self”, how the “I” provides for ”self”. All these things have to be done while using my hands.

To sit on the right hand of The Most High means to open up my mind to the world that the “I” can not see with my two eyes but the “I” feel it deep within my soul. The “I” gained balance and now walks between worlds.

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