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Updated: Mar 8

I  + I + N  + I  =  x

= Image Magnification

The process of enlarging the size of something, as an optical image. Something that has been magnified; an enlarged representation, image or model. The ratio of the size of an image to the size of an object

= I

The one is speaking or writing

N = Nation

A large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, language or inhabiting territory.

= Ion

Come together; to create

How to solve for x :


I  + I  + N  + I  = IMAGINATION

It’s unfortunate that there are some words in our vocabulary that are so watered down that I didn’t even consider their implications. When I think of imagination I used to think of something fantasy filled that doesn’t have any place in reality. How many times have I been told to stop day dreaming? I lost count.

t’s almost as if dreaming is a crime. Society will shun someone for having a dream. The dream doesn’t even have to be manifested yet; just the thought of someone dreaming about something that is so different from what the masses accept can be alienating and depressing if the owner of the dream isn’t aware of who he/she is. It’s okay to dream from the approved dream list..you know :

  • Doctor

  • Lawyer

  • Teacher

  • Athlete

  • Social Media Model

  • Drug Dealer

  • 9-5 @ ABC Corporation

The moment I strayed away from the list; here came the angry mob. A popular dreamer in the United States was Martin Luther King. He dreamed of bringing people together; introducing the masses to something that they had never given a second thought to, uniting people with different ethnic backgrounds. Not only were countless white people upset with Dr. King but so were many of his own people.

They called him an Uncle Tom, a sellout, etc. They couldn’t see his vision because it wasn’t their dream. Dr. King and the people who shared his dream; have been able to break barriers in regards to race relations primarily with EACH OTHER. When I say primarily with each other I am not talking about the outdated political system of the United States whose sole purpose is to distract and divide.

There are politicians out here who still bring up the topic of race in their campaign ads as a tool to divide. Now, I am not saying that we have stomped out racism because I am not that naïve to believe it doesn’t exist; what I am saying is that as a people WE need to give ourselves credit for having the strength and desire to reach out to other races of people and include them into OUR conversations.

We have to stop attacking people who dare to dream and mindlessly support the ones that want to stifle our creativity. We have to adopt the mindset of our origins (space, universe, etc.). Do you think the rest of the planets are sitting back laughing at Uranus because it spins on it‘s side or are they focused on their own spin axis? 

To be continued………

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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