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Updated: Apr 12

Every since I could remember I always pictured myself living in California and writing about various topics and experiences. I have had the writing bug since I learned how to write. I would make up stories and give life to my imagination all on paper.

When I needed to get away, I would safely duck off into one of those places that I imagined and build worlds within worlds. Writing was more than a hobby it’s a lifestyle for me. Nothing beats scribbling on a fresh blank piece of paper with a dope ink pen. The ink pen has to flow like the imagination; it can’t be any old pen.

When I was a kid I remember my Uncle Chaka taking my sister and I to the store; he said get whatever you want. You know what I got.. a notebook and a pen. I don’t even think I was 8 years old. In my adult years when I started to work jobs and gain responsibilities I strayed away from the thing that once bought me sustenance, that gave me hope and life….writing.

Every thought that I had was washed away by the next; I never captured those glimpses of my future because I honestly felt like nothing could change. This is the hand I was dealt and that’s it. Living in Richmond, working jobs that didn’t bring me life, operating on a certain level because “it’s just the way life is”.

However, something would always whisper “there is so much more to life than what you think”.

My first apartment was in the projects.. Fairfield Court to be exact and while I’m thankful that I had a place to live with my children; I wanted more…so much more. I started to look for better paying jobs and a better community for my kids to live in. So we moved to Henrico Arms which is in the county but still the hood. The school system was a little better and my kids didn’t have to live in bricks so I was thankful for that. Once we moved there I quickly learned that the projects weren’t as bad as I had originally thought.

However, we made the best out of it and I gained some amazing relationships in the process. I also went back to school to get my GED because I did not want my kids growing up in a community where kids younger than them were already smoking cigarettes. I don’t want or need to go over every detail but I do want to remind myself that I strived for better in each situation even if the new situation appeared to be better than the last one.

In 2016 after having played so many different roles as a janitor to a pharmaceutical analyst Ra & Raet decided they had enough of seeing me faking it. They wanted more than more.. they wanted to give me my inheritance. I wanted my inheritance. I learned more about my bloodline than I had ever studied anything and I wanted to gno what I had to do to get it. It can’t be some invisible thing that I can’t experience until I leave this realm because if that’s the case wouldn’t Ra and Raet just tell me about it on the way out and not while I’m still here?

It just didn’t make sense to me. So I had to innerstand DNA and realize that my inheritance is something that is tangible and can be experienced while in this realm. While I was acting like all those previous titles I once held, my gift was the written and spoken word that is in me. While it was hard to do I vowed to never work a job again that would kill who I am destined to be, or stifle any area of my creativity…. no matter how much money is involved.

I remember when I did my exit interview and the lady from HR asked me “is there anything that we could do to get you to stay?” and I said ” no ma’am, I can’t compromise on my morals”. That sounds bad ass however the old me shed so many tears thinking ” omg! I just quit my job wtf am I gonna do?”

I didn’t realize that my family was showing me something. Showing me who I could be without any outside influences. When I was working in corporate America I was doing things that I am not proud of; mainly not speaking up for myself. Regardless of the reasons why I “thought ” I was leaving, I was the one killing myself. I made the decision every day to show up. I made the decision to allow co-workers and supervisors to disrespect me. I can’t blame anyone but myself for not gnoing who I truly was. And when you don’t stand for something; you fall for anything.

Fast forward to 2018… Ja was able to prove his innocence on a bogus charge (Richmond.). He came home and said “let’s just do it! let’s get tickets to fly out to California and look for an apartment”. So we booked the flight for the 10th of January; not gnoing that was just preparation for something so much bigger. We started to pack (for the trip and for the big move) and one thing I wanted to do was donate all of the books that I had previously read. They took me so far and I would love for someone else to experience that same knowledge. One book; The art of deliberate intent by Abraham Hicks caught my eye. I took it out of my donation pile and placed it in my suitcase with the intention of rereading it on the plane.

On New Years Eve (2019) I got a call from a news network OANN asking me if I would be able to come in for an interview. Mind you, when she called I was still in Richmond; on Hull street to be exact. I said “sure, what dates would work for you?” and she happily responded the 10th around 2 would be great. Well it just so happened that we were arriving in California on the 10th at 6:30 am! Perfect Divine Timing!

The day before our flight, Ja found an amazing apartment. I’m talking about jaw dropping… it had everything I dreamed about. A gas stove, a beautiful view, a gym that offers free yoga classes, a great vibe, etc. However, I didn’t know about any of the features until we actually got to the apartment. Ja spoke to the young lady to set up a tour once we arrived on the 10th. So that’s two appointments scheduled for the day we land.

We arrived at the airport two hours before our scheduled flight and I was in charge of checking our bags. Which I had no problems doing; everything went smoothly. Once we got on the plane it dawned on me that I never took the Abraham Hicks book out of the suitcase. So I popped in my headphones and listened to meditation music for the entire five hour flight. When we landed- it was straight to business… we checked into the hotel and walked to the apartment to do the tour. We were greeted by a lovely young lady name Mar who I will NEVER forget. From the moment she shook my hand , I immediately remembered her. The conversation flowed like a stream and we were finishing each other’s sentences.

We talked about numerology a little bit and she said ” I’m making an effort to try to meditate more and have you ever heard of Abraham Hicks?” She was interested in learning more about her and how to tap into her higher consciousness. I was flabbergasted to say the least. I told her that I had traveled from Virginia with an Abraham Hicks book that I had all intentions of donating- apparently the book was meant for Mar all along. I told her I would bring the book back after my interview. Then we went into the business aspect of the meeting… she needed some form of documentation to show employment , bank statements, etc. I told her that I was hoping the job would hire me on the spot and then we could really get the ball moving once I brought the book back, I also have some deposits pending from royalties that I could get to her once I got back to Virginia. She printed out the pricing and a potential move in date, gave me a hug and we were off to the hotel to get dressed for my interview.

While I was getting dressed I couldn’t stop thinking about the book connection with Mar. I thought to myself “no one is going to believe this.. a whole book appeared for her.. a book that she was looking for.. a book that she needed”. I was humbled and thankful. I said a prayer and hopped in my Lyft all the while imagining myself as a real Californian (is that a word?)

My heart was pounding… I mean crazy nerves; but the moment I walked in I felt at home. The same familiarity that I had experienced when I met Mar. I interviewed with the owner, Mr.H; who was an amazing man and a few of my potential colleagues…. Mr. H asked me “what do you want to do?” I said “I want to be a writer”. He explained to me the pay and Ra reminded me that I wasn’t there for the money, everything I need will be provided ” which kept the conversation in perspective for me. Then he reached out his hand and welcomed me aboard.


I left with a handbook and a shiny new ink pen. The earlier experience with Mar left me flabbergasted but this one left me without words. As I headed back to the hotel I could only utter two words; THANK YOU!

I looked down at my phone and saw that Ja had texted me “good luck” and called to check on me. But I couldn’t tell him… not yet. When I got in the room to get the book, Ja wasn’t there… he had went to the beach while I was at the interview. I called him back to let him know that I was walking back to see Mar to give her the book. He said he was on his way back and asked how the interview went… I said it was ok and quickly changed the subject lol. I wanted to tell him and Mar at the same time. When I walked out to the street Ja was pulling up and we headed to The Rey apts. Mar met us in the lobby and she said “sooooo how did it go?”

I said they hired me on the spot! Her and Ja’s reaction was priceless. It was like the same reaction I had when Mr. H offered me the position. Ja grabbed his head and was like are you serious? I said yeah I was trying to avoid telling you until we got here. He was very thankful too and all of us knew that something bigger than us is in the making and all we have to do is flow with it.

I literally have three weeks before my official move and I am so excited about every gift, every mission and every being that Ra has for me. The power of the three is amazing (Three energy and what you can expect)

to be continued….

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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