"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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Decoding a parable

Updated: Mar 8

John 8:3 – John 8:11″The lady caught in adultery”

This is a parable about when I was caught in adultery and bought before the Temple Gates to pretty much be publicly shamed aka stoned. If you are not familiar with the text I encourage you to check it out. It will put everything into context. So before I unlock this parable let’s start off with a few questions to think about.

  • What did the Creator write in the sand?

  • I can’t commit adultery by myself so where were the men?

  • Why did the the crowd disperse from oldest to youngest?

  • What is meant by “they slipped away slowly”

This entire scene is actually a glimpse into the Kingdom or Higher realm (inner world) that I can not see with my two eyes working in conjunction with the physical realm (outer world) that I can visibly see.

I approached the gates in June of 2016 and pleaded to be released from my accusers. My petition was granted and the Most High isolated me until I saw what was really inside of me and came to terms with my truth; not traditions not heresy but truth. It was only then that I was able to evolve freely and become the author of my own life story.

I entered the gates and all I could hear were the accusations. “She is a cheater!” “A whore!”. ” A liar and a horrible person” “She is on drugs and unfit to be a mother!” I couldn’t even get to my heart because the accusers were so loud. So what did I do? I stooped down and “started to write in the dust”. I am a Creator and whenever my hands or fingers are being used it’s to manipulate clay aka stoned or dusty hearts.

Before I could get to my heart the Creator had to deal with the memories first by showing me my sins….one by one, molding my heart and showing me my true reflection. You know, those things that are just between you and The Most High… I think some people call them skeletons.

Once I saw my sins they could not torment me any longer . The “accusers” are not just the physical beings I had around me but my memories as well….that’s why the oldest left before the youngest because it was my past that was constantly haunting me.

In the physical realm; the one I see with my eyes…the accusers had to wait their turn to be shown their sins. The Creator wasn’t trying to embarrass them or make a mockery out of them as they were trying to do to me.

Once some of the “chatter” died down, the Creator called to me like she called to Atom when he tried to hide in the garden. I was hiding from the past memories that weren’t even true.

Hiding my true feelings to be with the person that I truly loved, hiding from the guilt of potentially breaking someone else’s heart the way mine once was. I was hiding from the resentment that I built up within myself because I actually started to believe the accusations. My Creator said ” Goldie come to me and show me who is accusing YOU.

So the last question I must now ask is who are you?

The definition of you is ” the second person”; the second person is defined as a character in a play or story……the observer.

The Creator helped me innerstand that every person around me is me, a character in my life story that reflect back to me how I view myself or to be a little more clear my level of thinking.

Once I truly saw who I was; those memories faded away…..slowly and I began to love myself. No longer could I even find one accuser. When the Creator said ” now go and sin no more”, the sin was my previous mindset…the guilt, resentment and pain.

To walk in truth I have to gno myself AND love myself. I know it sounds cliche but it’s true. Even the things I may not like about myself… own it and over time my mindset will change.

All of the things mentioned above did not happen in a day. It’s called the level up for a reason. Everyday I either go higher or I go lower… the choice is up to me. I can believe those old painful memories that constantly try to tell me that I’m never gonna be better than who I am right now or I can believe my Higher Self that is telling me that the best hasn’t even come yet and in the meantime…I’m perfect just the way I am.

Do I have everything figured out? Nope! Do people still judge me? Yup. But, remember the accusers left slowly….. they will see me when they are supposed to. In the meantime I’m focused on my goals free from any mental bondage or limitations.