In the early 90’s scientist were studying this weird collection of debris orbiting around. It was a bit different from the known asteroid belt that orbits the terrestrial planets. It is made up of all this “frozen” debris that has accumulated from the formation of the solar system. It is also home to Pluto and several other dwarf planets such as MakeMake and Haumea. This asteroid belt is called Kuiper Belt, which also is home to the Oort Cloud which is considered the edge of the solar system because that is where the Sun’s influence stops. I wonder what the human ramifications of that would be. Having no influence at all from the sun can mean that there is a world out there that is being influenced by something else. Just because we cant see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Kuiper Belt is also the birthplace of a lot of comets; which is a small icy solar system body (which happens to look like a single sperm btw Traveling through time (continued research; notes) 

I mimic the same thing that a planet does – I am just a small part of a vast, moving, working object. I had to seriously pose the question “why is Pluto being excluded ?” . I believe that Kuiper Belt served as a “launching pad” for light beings to come into being. I am speaking about that place I was at (or in…who knows) before the egg was fertilized by sperm or before the comet leaves Kuiper Belt.

The year 1825 was an amazing time for us Travelers for a couple of reasons. Time received an energy signature or wave from the solar system to grasp the true meaning of a belt, its purpose and its location. Its not a coincidence that the actual word belt was defined in the year 1825 and the year started on a Saturday. Saturday is the energy signature of Saturn whose role is to bring MEANING and  STRUCTURE to our lives.

Belt (n) : A continuous band of tough flexible material for transmitting motion and power or conveying materials. (actual definition recorded in 1825)

As a traveler or being, I am here to receive, to convey materials, messages, etc. Pay attention to buzz words I may encounter in the media or just in my environment in general. I don’t think of a belt as just something used to hold my pants up. I look at it as  a part of my origin story when discovering who I am and where I came from. Innerstand the language because its very tricky. For instance, its not a coincidence that I hear so many rappers use the term Draco in all their music. Granted most of them have never seen a Draco, and granted in their minds they may think they are talking about a gun, but Draco actually refers to the energy signature of a Greco- Roman legend.

Draco was a dragon killed by the goddess Minerva and tossed into the sky upon his defeat. Each time they rap about it they are putting the energy signature of a real being into a negative form (tying it into murder, rape, robbery, etc.) and pretty much pollinating the world with it. Its the same thing for the words ISIS, or Hermes (which just happens to be a popular brand of belts at the moment).

I am swimming in rainbow waters so I have to dive deep to innerstand things. Start with my words, make sure I am not casting any crazy spells upon other planets. Its the same thing with Holidays. Its a specific energy signature being sent out by a Higher Being. I have arrived at a certain fullness of time where that energy signature has become so thick or heavy that it has manifested into an “ACTUAL THING”. Instead of needing a que or reminder to celebrate holidays; its now just a feeling…”it feels like Halloween, it feels like Christmas, it feels like Thanksgiving. That’s the programming trying to get me caught up in that energy signature; don’t ask questions, just perform the necessary rituals. Do you think slave masters explained to the slaves the reasons why they needed to pick cotton? No, but the reasons they gave sufficed so much that once slavery was abolished; there still were free people picking cotton.

They were programmed to think that they were gaining something too, even though in some cases it was only 15 cents.

What do I gain as a spirit to put a piece of solid matter under a chopped down tree that the recipient probably doesn’t even give a shit about? In all actuality its better for my soul to let the tree remain in the ground.

What do I gain as a spirit to locate cooked eggs and put them in a basket? In all actuality its better for my soul to let the chicken live. What do I gain as a spirit because I am gaining something.

to be continued….

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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