What is a woman?

Updated: Mar 7

When you say the word “woman”, what are you talking about? Not who but what are you talking about? Who told you what a “woman” was or did you find out for yourself? If someone told you what a “woman” was; then who told them? And before you even think about that “womb-man ” thing…that ain’t it! That’s just to throw you off from the truth and it actually just proves my point further.

The fact is mankind has not known what a “woman” is at least since the 13th Century. The word came from the Anglo-Saxon’s which are responsible for a lot of the words we use in the English language. The word “woman” carries the most cursed energy ever seen in this realm. That is why all over the world a female is treated as if she is a lower being compared to her male counterparts.

To understand the vibration of the word “woman” think about the terminology that is used in scripture to describe sorrow or stress by God (when I say God, I am speaking of the Creator or Source). Woe! Woe is the term used before several curses are placed on spiritual beings in scripture. That is the energy signature of the word “woman”, anything uttered after the “wo” is the recipient of that energy. You are unconsciously participating in a ritual; casting a spell on the physical manifestation of what a “woman” is.

Regardless of your religious or scientific beliefs, this is a fact that can not be disputed. Words carry energy, people say good morning because it feels like morning to them. That is the same with EVERY word spoken; it carries something.

The title of “woman” was placed on beings previously known as a wifmann. The energy signature of “wi” is to serve as a conduit to a higher consciousness or dimension. That is why we call a wireless connection “WiFi”. If you change the title of something gradually it will start to believe that that is what it is. For example, how many people do you know that act brand new because their title changed (pastors, supervisors, parents, etc.) If every female knew her power just based on her name being called it would be a different reality.

But the reality is that this race of beings have been cursed for centuries and it’s to the point now where we even curse ourselves! We go to church faithfully to be cursed, we donate money towards the curse, we literally are tripping our own selves up.

I stumbled upon this truth as I was attempting to describe myself the other day. I felt so uneasy calling myself a “woman” so I wanted to understand why. I don’t fit the description of a “woman” at all. Howeve, a wifmann describes me to a T. I wanted to keep this post about understanding the true wifmann but I can’t continue without giving you the truth about man’s original title which is wer.

What’s the energy of WEr? It’s unity, addition, abundance. Think of words with the same energy…we, wealth, wheat. That is why most men carry the energy of “I’m the boss”, “I did this all on my own” “fuck the world” etc. This also explains why some people can get together and take over the world but they wouldn’t experience their true heights of stardom separately. The moment they “click” into the wifmann vibration they are an unstoppable force. He becomes an amplifier for her to connect to the I am- which is the Source frequency. I am not speaking of a man in the sky. I am literally speaking of a frequency that once you tap into it your life changes. Truth is all that matters and the previous lies that you have been told will serve as the fuel that keeps your spaceship going.

Okay, so now what?

Since that energy signature was established so long ago, it is not like we can demand the word to be removed from the vocabulary and the powers that be would listen. However, luckily for mankind that is exactly why we are here. To assist with raising the vibration; so the mere fact that you are now aware of what those words mean will transmute that energy the moment you hear it. When you shine a light on a dark area it’s no longer dark, the energy has to be moved. The moment you hear the word woman or man your subconscious mind is going to have to revert back to this point of reference. Not the previous one that you received from somebody who received it from somebody else, etc….

Know who you are and what you are

To be continued …..

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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