Updated: Apr 7

At one point my ears itched so much that I walked around with Qtips. I often used to say; “it feels like a piece of hair is in my ear just vibrating“.

Until one day I was sitting on the sofa and had a random thought that I shouldn’t use Qtips anymore, they are causing the message to break up. I didn’t innerstand however I stopped using Qtips when I get this sensation- instead I pause and listen.

This morning when I returned to the physical realm; I heard “let those who have ears hear”. I laid there for a second and almost immediately; my ears started itching.

I took it for as long as I could and then as if I was watching a movie; my travels from last night begin to play. I saw myself conversating with Nikola about frequencies and the “itching” I was feeling. He explained to me that was actually vibrations of sound. He said that I have to give my brain at least a minute to decode the sound. He showed me how to properly “listen”.

After that, I went into a quiet spot to check my realm reminder for the day.

Then I sat quietly and “listened”. I literally heard the voice of my ancestors say “you didn’t get the full message last time; you thought it was ants speaking to you....it kinda was, it was your ancestors”.

I smiled and gasped. I smiled because I could hear them speaking; I gasped because I remembered that I had a note that I “thought“ came from ants.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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