“Is it because I’m beneficial or I been official?”

Updated: Apr 11

I wanted to find out if the people that I considered to be friends; truly were. After all, I had pinned the friend label on them before I was conscious about energy and frequency. This was not only eye opening but extremely enlightening. I paid attention to every detail of my conversations/interactions and broke them down into some common themes:


I had some friends that only ever wanted to talk about other people’s lives. What everyone else is doing wrong and whatever is being talked about on their prospective social media accounts or co-workers, etc. Some talk even involved telling me things about their other friends. Say I called a friend to vent about some stuff… I know they gossip but I’m looking at it from a “that’s my friend” prespective, however they are on a frequency of being a gossiper. Ten times out of ten if a gossiper is gossiping then I could very well be the next topic of conversation when they are gossiping in other circles.


Do I ONLY ever hear from them when they want something? This is not just limited to money or anything materialistic; even my time. Are they only reaching out because they need someone to put their energy on? Misery is a spirit that loves company (Time). Use the same example I used for gossiping. Say my phone rings and on the other end I hear ” let me tell you what so and so just told me”. They are literally wasting my time by spreading information that is causing pain to someone else. That now attaches me to their timeline/experiences. I’m doing them a bigger favor by not even engaging in the conversation.

Pity Parties

These are the conversations where everything is going wrong but they have gave 0 effort to correct it. This is the energy of they hate their jobs but still show up everyday, they hate the way they look but won’t make changes to fix it. It’s like they just enjoy the lowness of their existence and they want to invite me to the party because once again; misery loves company. I can give them a million ideas that could help them get out of the frequency they are in but just like Curry in game 7; it’s getting blocked.

After I considered all those things I mentioned above I asked myself … do those people support me? Do they take the initiative to show interest in whatever I’m passionate about? If I’m a musician do they stream my music? If I’m a performer do they attend my performances? If I have a product do they shop with me?

I’m not saying that people are wrong for having an angle but it’s very important to pick up on what that angle is to prevent myself from getting caught up in an illusion by placing titles on people. John D. Jackson once said “I won’t give you the title if you don’t gno how to be it.”

I have to even put myself on notice when I call my friends; is this conversation going to benefit either one of us? Since I am a cancer I definitely ask myself am I calling to vent based solely on emotions? And Ra ALWAYS looks out because if the energy is not right and I am too caught up in my feelings to recognize it; no one will be available to me.

Ra will always send the right person my way (or me in the right way of the right person). A few days ago, I was emotional about a situation and I just wanted to ride and get my thoughts together. Every person I called was not available but then my cousin (I dislike calling her a cousin because I feel like that title doesn’t justify her place in my life, she is much bigger than that) called out of the blue and she just happened to be at a restaurant 10 minutes away from where I was by herself thinking about me. She invited me to not only come talk but to share a meal with her. I got what I needed from the conversation with no questionable angles attached it.

I didn’t get up with that thought in my mind like I hope she doesn’t tell anyone. I didn’t even have to say those famous three words “don’t judge me”. Because when I really think about it; how can any of us judge one another?

Safe travels!


"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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