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This is a list of spells that are cast all over this world. Feel free to add more:

  • good morning = implies God in mourning

  • good night = implies God in darkness

  • Hello= implies location will vibrate low

  • good bye = implies of a purchase made by God

  • bless, blessings, bless me, etc = this is a spell that allows the recipient to receive a lesson. Sometimes this is good but when your dishing out lessons to someone that doesn’t deserve that you are now killing their spirit and vice versa. This is also an open invitation to experience someone else (time) line.

  • amen = man is a species; “I am” is not a man. Do not be deceived there is a difference between a man, a human and a being.

  • the, divide = means to die. Think about what is being killed.

  • know, knowing = implies ignorance of divine gnoledge (truth to stand on)

  • understanding, understand = implies you are under something (innerstanding is the balm)

  • ailments = any physical pain experienced is from the body speaking to me. thats it. thats all. When my car experiences a problem “I” get a notification, maybe the engine light will come on or maybe “I” need air in my tires so the tire light comes on. That is the only way my car can talk to me. That‘s the same science with pain. If “I” fall into the trap of taking medication “I am” is locking my ”self” into a contract to now be controlled by that drug. For example, if “I” have a headache think about who might have invented the word headache… probably a pharmacist so each time “I” take a pill “I am” is agreeing to more of the same.

Truth is; the sensation of a headache comes from blockage to my higher chakras or the opening of the crown chakra…. change your perspective you heal yourself #facts

  • days of the week = means demons upon the weak

  • System = which literally translates into ” set up”. If you’re from where “I am” from.. we don’t like to be set up in any aspect.

  • time = bondage. Time is a shackel and “I” used to be bound to it. “Be to work on Time”, ” get to class on time”, birthdays, holidays, etc. Remember to Forget the concept of time and “I” will literally be ripping the wallpaper off in the matrix.

  • love = provokes emotions. To love is to evolve, not to provoke.

  • real = implies sickness

  • he = a form of laughter. Source is not a ” he” . when this word is used to speak of what you call God it’s actually mocking the frequency.

  • God = this word means companionship. Who is beside me? Notice a dog is used for companionship as well … not a coincidence

  • devil = levels. This world is just like a video game. Each level is filled with various obstacles for me to pass in order to make it to the next. Do not get stuck on the religious level, the slavery level, the family level, the sickness level, the social media level, the political level, etc.

  • Pastor = pacifier. Pacifier literally means dummy or soother. A pastor will only tell me things to dumb me down in the name of love however, what is his definition of love?

  • work = worth. This is a deep one because it goes hand in hand with the concept of time. What is it worth to me? Time does not exist for me so the dumbest thing “I” could ever do is sell my “self” to a block of time all in the name of working.

  • kid = a baby goat. The word kid implies worship to a goat god. Beings can not have kids; only children.

  • law = walls. The purpose of a wall is for containment. The original word for wall was “stake” and the historical definition of that word is ” a wooden post to which a person was tied before being burned alive as a punishment”

to be continued…….

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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