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since posting this I need to update day 6, I got approved for the apt....we moving!!!

PERSPECTIVE DRAWING:The art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point.


So you may be wondering why I have a pic of Issac Newton on this post; he isn’t part of the culture..... let me explain

Issac Newton was a physicist whose theory was used to predict “Hailey’s” comet. His purpose was to research my make up, design and leave a historical record of it. In other words he gave the world insight on light and the way light moves- not only that but he also was highly knowledgeable on color spectrums and how it retracts on certain light waves. 

In 1704 (peep those numbers), Issac published a book called Optics.  I can’t give you all the information on this book because one rule of ascension is learning and just like I have to learn for myself and then share- you have that same responsibility so you can get what you need from it and not what I got from it…hopefully that makes sense.

The difference between Optics and the Bible is that they are based on different frequencies. One is based on truth aka dark matter and one is based on the imagination of a bunch of men and women who already had preconceived notions of who they believed me to be when the book was written.

Optics on the other hand is a book about experiments- experiments that were conducted on everything light (waves, refraction, frequency, etc) Issac is not only describing my true self; he is able to understand why different colors do different things (black and white for example) Issac even describes the innerverse that I observe in higher realms.

This is all based on facts- when you get a chance to check this book out please have a perspective that I am light…either a black body of light or a white body of light (this is not based on race!) This is solely based on the light that is housed inside of my vessel (or Tesla, that’s what I call my vessel but clearly that’s not me- it’s just the device I use to get around in this realm)

Back to Issac, one of the experiments he did was he learned how to process an image using light. In other words, create pictures aka the images I see.

I decided to perform that same experiment using the source of light as myself. The picture I am creating within 7 days will be one of me standing in the kitchen of my new apartment (shout out to Ari Lennox).

Now according to Issac the fastest way for me to process an image is to travel in a straight line and not a zig zagged wave- this wave will cause all types of refraction effects to my picture aka go with the flow.

I have to remove any elements that will slow down the speed of my light. For me that will be toxic situations and environments, consuming meat and any lower frequencies. Here are my results currently:

  • Day 1: the decision was made that the experiment would be conducted

  • Day 2: purged. Emotionally I felt drained or numb to any outside situations. I had a headache and my stomach felt weird. I had a impulse to make a huge batch of soaps which I did.

  • Day 3: I abruptly awoke at 4 am with the intentions to pack all my things. Which I did, I had a “appointment “ in the matrix from 7:00 - 3:30 , I got home and packaged all my soaps. One key fact that Issac mentions is the cleaning of the vessel that the light is housed in. So I didn’t know where I was going but I knew my soaps were coming too.

Later that day a situation occurred that left me standing at a crossroads..... do I stay and deal with old toxic situations or do I leave? If I leave it will take 0 effort because everything is packed already which will allow me to go with the flow.

If I stay, the Universe has gotten me up at 4am to pack for nothing. Which means I’m creating a timeline where I continue to experience more of the same...which took a lot of energy to create.

Day 4: Helped a friend move into her new place and went out apartment hunting for myself. Still focused on the initial goal which is to process the image of me in my new apartment; I am avoiding all waves that could potentially make my ray of light a zig zagged wave.

Day 6: Applied for the apartment of my choice. Meditatated and received a message of congratulations and the notification that today is Independence Day.

Day 7: to be continued....

My experiment concludes tomorrow, I am excited to see how my image turns out.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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