"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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Updated: Mar 11

Let’s break down the concept of a Source…what is a Source?

Source:  a spring or fountain head from which a river or stream issues.

I chose this definition because I have been seeing the word “spring” everywhere

Fountainhead: an original source of something

Original: something serving as a model or basis for imitations or copies

With that word breakdown I have the feeling that everything mentioned in any religious text is a copy. If Source is the original everything after it is a copy- including Adam and Eve, Abraham, everyone.

This also means that when the words “let us create man in our image and likeness” were spoken it did not come from the Creator but a copy of the Creator…for one; the word “us” is being used which means that Source created some other form of being before man was created…if not the words would have been “let me create man in my image and likeness”. This would also confirm my previous theory that Source did not make the frequency found in the old world- another being posing as a “God” created it.

Secondly, Source never calls me child, men, man, etc. As a light being, I originate from the light- not man so Source never would have said “let us create man in our image and likeness” , it would have been “let me create light in my image and likeness”.

Last but not least; Source does not speak words- so whoever spoke those words was not the original Creator. Stringing words together to form a sentence is a low frequency and not one that Source operates on. Granted I hear the voice of Source in other ways and when it does come in the form of words it’s an innerstanding. So even if those words were spoken it was an inner conversation and not an outward one.

Have I ever thought to myself; where is God? How come it appears like the devil is always on earth but God not so much?

Well it’s because the old world was ran by the entity that created it and it was not Source. Source does not enter this realm because it has no need to…everything that I may need is already with me. It’s inside of me- everything my Source Creator can do- I can too.

I can transmute this marble that I live on to no longer be a place of spiritual bondage however; I have to know who I am. I have to know that there is a difference between a Child of Light and a Child of Man.

When I speak to people who are of the light they are instantly activated- they can feel the truth running through their veins. However if I speak with a Child born of Man- they dismiss everything as satanic, blasphemy, crazy, they are unable to see pass the programming that they are caught up in.

It’s completely pointless to take offense because they just are not wired to innerstand.

The conflict comes into play if I am connected to these beings. It is very much possible to be a Child of the Light born into a family of men- it’s because I am the light for that blood line and a lot of how I operate is based on mathematical and scientific equation so there will be more struggle for light beings as opposed to children of men.

I need positive and negative charges; I operate like a Tesla coil. Without a equal balance of both my frequency will drop so low and the nourishment that I receive from the photon belt would not reach me like it’s supposed to.

Nourishment from the Photon Belt?

Yes, but not in the way that I am thinking. Back in 2012; I received energy from the photon belt that activated dormant codes within my DNA. The deeper I move into the belt; the more light beings will become activated spawning the Golden Age.

What every reader should innerstand is that all this is happening now at this present moment.