To be or not to be…

Updated: Mar 9

What does it mean to be? That’s a easy question; just review what I was doing at this moment. Is that “being” what I truly want or what I feel like I desire the most? That’s what my next moment in now will look like….exactly what I am being at this moment.

If each now creates the next now then the only way to get ahead of it is to “be” that which I truly desire to be. Say I desire to be a wife or a husband, then I would have to be that now. Think about the way I would treat my spouse, the way I would care for them and start to experience those feelings that come up when imagining being a husband/wife.

Say I desire to be a writer; then the only way to do that is to write. Think about the emotions that I feel when I’m writing and how other’s will receive me and experience those feelings. My imagination isn’t a child’s playground but a tool that once learned how to use in a mature and deliberate fashion can help create the biggest of dreams.

My thoughts become things isn’t just a cliche but a rule to my life. I am the Jordan Peele’s of my life. Meaning I am the director and the producer. All I have to do is intentionally focus on what I am creating. How many random thoughts pop into my mind all day? How many of those thoughts do I dwell on out of habit and not out of pure consciousness? It’s a huge game changer when I started to “swipe left ” in regards to outdated thought patterns and swipe right on those little seeds that could not only change my world but the worlds of the people around me.

A thought carries frequency; enough to light up a dark room. Hence the lights I experience when I return home… it has nothing to do with my eyes being open or closed. Sight is very different from vision… because it is. I can have 20/20 vision and still only see what’s in front of my face. It takes a innerstanding of both to not only see farther but higher too. The gift of a view is amazing and the higher that view gets the better the picture will be.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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