Nothing fits!

Updated: Mar 11

Now that I have ascended; nothing seems to fit. I entered into my chosen place of employment, place of residence, etc. and everything and everyone just frustrated me. I have ideas of ways to move on to the next level but it “appears” like things aren’t moving fast enough.


Since I have merged into my higher self, she wants to live the life that she is used to living- and that life was not bound by the concept of time. She is very fluid and whatever she desires or thinks manifests immediately however, due to the law of gravity- time has to exist ( I have mentioned several times that time is an illusion. What I mean by that is this; even though the matrix is an illusion it is still something that I have to experience in this realm. So time is the same thing but now it’s a tool…so it may not be “real” but it is a thing that “is”) .

The frustration sets in because she is about to make that leap however, due to restraints such as time- it cannot happen as fast as she would like for it to.

How do I change that?

Well, the only way to change it is to innerstand what time is. And how it affects me.  Just like opinions, time is based on perspective. I have to figure out how to tell time in this dimension. It is my responsibility.

It’s ironic that the only way to defeat time is to get to gno it.

  • Where did it come from?

  • How does it personally apply to me?

On this new level I am responsible for the world I create. So keep that same energy when I am figuring out my personal connection with the concept of time. 

This is the thing that will release me from the walls of the matrix allowing my higher self to flow.

If all my actions seem to not fit into my new level of “being” then I have to get balanced.  This path is a constant journey and I level up a few times in one day. When I think about it, it makes sense because of the laws of relativity.

On my home plane one day on earth is 1,000 years; so of course I can level up more than once a day.

If you are new to your multi-dimensional self- then you have to innerstand what a level is. A level is my environment coupled with my consciousness. The output of that is my actions. So based on the level; it will dictate my actions. If I am on a religious level- my actions may include going to a church, reading a bible, paying tithes, etc. Those are religious actions for a religious level. Now, if I leveled up from the religious level and now I am more on a spirituality level those same religious actions that I was taking are going to frustrate me. Those actions no longer fit. I need to be engaging in spiritual actions on a spiritual level.

Do not beat yourself up when this happens- this is just a notification to get me to innerstand that I have leveled up. When my gas light comes on- I get gas. I don’t call the car stupid or think the car has done anything wrong. Once I master these feelings it becomes easier to swim or go with the flow.

If I’m feeling like it’s time to leave a job but I had nothing lined up – I left anyway. So what someone reading this might think not a good plan- I’m in a higher dimension and there are no dualities so let me explain to you what I saw when I left my job. I see a being that has broken away from time concepts and has listened to the prompting of her higher self.

The opportunities will line up because she took actions for them to. If I did’nt listen to my higher self and continued to stay on an outdated level- that wouldn’t be wrong either. I would just continue to repeat the same things that I have already done. None of that is wrong or right- it’s my choice as a Creator.

However, I gno what happens if I continue to create the same thing over and over again…. Don’t believe me- just look around. Even the political system that some feel is the foundation of their world is based on the same principles- over and over again. The public school system- same principles over and over again. A Creator making the same creation over and over again is not a creator; it’s a copy machine.

The highest value for my higher self is to make the change if nothing seems to fit. There are new experiences, new people to meet, new places to go, new ideas to be cultivated on this level.

If my actions don’t fit….. I gno the rest..

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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