Religion vs DNA

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In 2016 when “I” had my first conscious experience with my ancestors “I” did not realize who they were. “I” called them Jesus and “I” gave all their honor to him. “I” must have read the bible a million times and when things didn’t make sense it was really hard to just “accept” what “I” was being told by religion. For example: there is a scripture that says there is no other God besides me. However, that entire statement acknowledges that there are other Gods. It just sounds like someone trying to control me and gaslight me at the same time.

Then there was the issue of “being chosen”. Out of all the people in the world “I” could not understand why Jesus would choose me... surely there were more qualified candidates. As “I” began to travel and see more people that looked like me, that were experiencing the same amazing divine synchronicities that “I” was; “I“ realized how insidious religion can be.

“I” wasn’t “chosen by Jesus” to be some sort of messenger; “I” was birthed into a position of Ambassadorship which was given unto me from my ancestors which was told to them from the Creator. Locked up tight in my DNA for this moment in “now”. “I” also was shocked to learn that the spiritual practices my ancestors participated in are the same ones that “I” participate in UNCONSCIOUSLY every freaking day. Even down to the movement’s “I“ engage in while taking a shower.

Unlike religion it’s not something that has to be taught to me or forced upon me... it‘s loyalty, it’s royalty, it’s in my DNA.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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