Seven days

The number seven holds so much prominence in the spiritual realm. It’s a number that reflects perfection and creation. It’s a number that exists which means anything I can think of can gain perfection…it’s just a matter of what I am thinking of.

Amun Ra thought of this entire realm and it was created in a matter of seven days. Well six days the seventh was used to reflect on the creation and make any needed “tweaks”. I am made in the image and likeness of Ra which means I can create too. That’s a lot of power to gnoingly have. I possess this power and I unknowingly created situations that were filled with self sabotaging behavior and chaos.

What if for the next seven days I intentionally created a new reality for myself? What would I change? Would the scene change or just the characters? Would I create a heaven for myself or a hell? What am I willing to sacrifice in order to create this new reality, because faith without action is dead.

These are the questions that I asked myself. So for the next seven days I will be fasting and creating a new reality. I will closely monitor my thoughts and not only that but my environment and the people that I am around; careful not to allow any negative energies to distract me.

I will be very aware of what I eat as far as food,conversations, literature, movies and music. If something does upset me I am conscious enough to experience the feeling and move on; not allowing my frequency to drop. I will look for beauty in everything and everywhere.

It would be amazing if we did this fast together, and your sacrifice can be anything….food, drinking, anything that you may feel attached to. Let it go and let’s create something beautiful together.

Most likely if we are on the same frequency you already have the “urge” to let something go and this just serves as confirmation. We start at sunrise…… be continued

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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