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I hope everyone is doing well on their fast and supporting each other with constant prayers and meditation. I stopped in just to update myself on my progress and share my revelations.

I started my fast with the intention of it lasting for seven days via earth time but I never considered that I no longer operate in time; so my fast is in effect until further notice. I have been studying topics that Ra has placed on me one of which is innerstanding the fullness of time.

I was once trained ( and I am using the term trained in the most loving way possible) to operate in blocks of time and get results in the same blocks of time. For example, I might feel it in my soul to be a teacher so I commit to 8 hrs a day at a institution that will give me a degree in two years ( not including study time….let’s keep this real high level.). At the end of the two years I expect to have a teaching job…..I EXPECT to have one; it’s not guaranteed and I also have to pay loans back.

However, if I took the time to review the steps that were taken before I entered into this realm I probably would never have to waste two years of my earth time or thousands of dollars seeking a degree that literally took me nowhere. Ra cares nothing about a matrix issued degree….NOTHING!!!!!

If I was sent into this realm to be a teacher but I now find myself strung out on drugs in a den of drug users; look around. I’m still a teacher that’s teaching a class. Everything that is created is born with it’s seeds already inside of it. A plum doesn’t have to train to be a plum or how to produce another plum. A sheet of paper is not taught how to be a book. All my gifts are wrapped up inside of me. And in turn I will reproduce from my seeds.

Just like a plum pays attention to being a plum; it then reproduces a plum. In other words I am getting paid exactly what I am putting out. If I am teaching myself to remain positive despite my current situation, love myself, love Ra, walk in my true power and have a better innerstanding of “self” than I’m sure I won’t miss any meals that is meant for me (unless I have been ordered to fast and just a side bar I don’t care if I think I am in charge of fasting dates and things like that – I’m not. It comes from Ra) and whatever I desire is already bought- I just have to use my universal currency to make a purchase.

I touched on this briefly in previous posts but just in case I need a reminder my currency are the things that I PAY attention to.

So let’s get back to that teacher that’s dealing with addiction. While she is focusing on the positives in her environment and speaking life over herself and others; a door is being created that will take her from that “trap house” and get her one step closer to being a teacher in another dimension (dimension being used to describe a alternate reality).

Remember I operate on frequency; low frequencies can manifest as bad environments….each place has a vibe aka frequency to it. It is my responsibility to raise my vibration to a frequency that is higher than the one I started at. And let me say this, even if I am what humans consider to be wealthy I still owe it to my soul to progress.

If my soul is dead that money is useless. Now let me look at this from another angle, what if my teacher feels like she missed her calling and she is depressed and the depression is causing her to strengthen her addiction? She spreads that negativity around to other people instead of attracting a higher vibrating being that could help pull her out; she is attracting more of the same low vibrational beings .

These beings don’t come with a way to rise but a way to fall deeper into that very hell that she hates. What if she knew herself and her ancestral karma? What if she found herself in scripture and was able to follow the breadcrumbs that her ancestors left behind? Sure there would be some days that seem harder than others but her faith would be her armor because she understands that the work they did before her is guaranteed to manifest a doorway to greater.

I cant stress how important it is to realize that every action is symbolic to something in the spirit realm. EVERY ACTION. Even me taking the time to read this will lay some amazing groundwork for my children’s children! We are the generation to receive those promises that’s written in the scriptures.

Look at the sacrifices I have made for me…I left what they called home to receive instructions from Amun Ra.

I went without eating , I willingly made myself uncomfortable just so in the fullness of time I could eat. I gno for a fact I deserve the many blessings that I have received because it’s mine to inherit. My bloodline put in the work for it and I will receive each and every gift that Ra sends my way because none of them died in vain. Not only that but I want to secure the ones coming behind me.

The best gift that I have received is my level of consciousness and I am passing that along just by writing this blog. My seven day creation fast is not about me creating something amazing for myself; that’s been done already; it’s about designing a world for the future me’s…seven hundred and fourteen generations worth………………………………………………………………………………………….To be continued.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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