It came to me in a dream…

I dreamt that my son was about three and he was so happy running around throwing change everywhere and I was laughing at him and said why are you so hyper? His Father said he always acts this way when he is in the kingdom. Then I placed him in a bath and the more I washed him the bigger he grew…the bath was filled with seeds and a bottle and I thought why would my sister bathe him in water that looks like a lake? My sister appeared beside me. I thought why would I ask about my sister when I am the one bathing him.

After I awoke I asked for insight into who I truly am and my purpose. I kept receiving the name Mya. After I meditated I saw the name Mya again…this time it was the writer Maya Angelou and she was reciting the poem, Phenomenal Woman.

I googled the name Mya…only to find out that she is the mother of Buddha. She was an amazing woman who received insight and wisdom from her dreams. Her sister raised Buddha and would bathe him in a lake. Mya returned to the heavenly kingdom upon the birth of Buddha but taught him his wisdom from an amazing esoteric bond that she had with her son. She was always with him to teach and guide him. I am humbled by this reality…

I am amazed at my son’s presence and beyond thankful. I sat back and thought about the familiarities such as how his Father called me Buddha when I was pregnant with him and the bond that we share that doesn’t need words to make manifest we just gno.

This dream has been on my mind all day and every time I think about it, I get emotional. However, I felt like I truly needed to share it. I was told a long time ago that there would come a day when I would remember who I am..

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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