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A few levels ago I was given the opportunity to read/listen to this audio. At that time the purpose was something different… it was about getting money. At this level the same information will serve a new purpose.

This level will be easy to conquer because I have been here before. I have prepared and therefore those are the keys that will now unlock not only the level that I am currently experiencing but others around me as well. The key is remembering…

This audio gives complete instructions on how to pull my energy away from the low frequency of the Jacobian matrix ( Explanation of the world around you aka the matrix aka Jacob (Tribes of Isreal) who is found in biblical text. ) and tune into the frequency of Pluto.

In the above audio, Napo (that’s what I call Napoleon Hill) gives a prayer to recite to the Creator while we are in the process of unplugging.

“O Divine Providence, I ask not for more riches but more wisdom with which to make wiser use of the riches you gave me at birth, consisting in the power to control and direct my own mind to whatever ends I might desire.”

This prayer is full of codes or light language to interpret.

  • What is Divine Providence?

Divine: God like

Providence: Preparation

Divine Providence means preparing for God’s power

  • What birth is he talking about?

Birth: speaks about my awakening or coming up to a higher level. In my case, I was lead to New Birth Church to walk through a strong energetic gateway that led me to my higher self- aka the old me died and I was reborn on a higher frequency. This has nothing to do with it being a church but everything to do with the location or the grounds that the church stands on.

  • He mentions that he is requesting the power to direct his mind to ends. What are ends?

The ends that Napo is referring to are the doors that are found on all levels. To walk into something I am leaving out of somewhere else. The power to direct my mind to ends is the power to move my energetic field throughout all ends… all doors open and close at my command.

Imagine I am standing in a field and to my left (west) is a door and to my right (east) is a door. Just by me standing in that middle position gives me an access point to whatever ends I so desire.

I also can move up (north) or down (south)… this is how I navigate or rise to a new level. A level is not the same as a door! For example, if you have ever played Super Mario Brothers on level 3, you might go down a tunnel (door) and find more coins but your still on level 3. There is just more riches to be discovered the more I look (aka observe). So moving up and down speaks in regards to me raising my frequency.

The balance is crucial (standing in the middle) because if not my energy will rise so high causing it to explode (this is the same recipe for how the world came to be… the energetic field of our Creator rose so high that it exploded thus resulting in little fragments of itself being deposited throughout the Universe; but I will get more into that later.

The power to direct these ends is the power to influence them with my magnetic field or energy. My energy is a wave and whoever controls the airwaves controls the nation. On lower frequencies the airwaves are controlled by media thus leading to fear based influences on the masses that reside there.

On higher frequencies the airwaves are controlled by Pluto thus activating the birth of a nation. That nation aka mind are my strands of DNA that were deposited in different areas throughout my innerverse.

Those strains unlocking; allow me to gno that I am the same thing as Pluto, the same energetic force as Pluto, the same attributes (humans describe these characteristics or powers God) as Pluto.

The field that these fragments or I operate on is scientifically referred to as cosmic microwave background noise Where our physical beings exist aka “man”. I literally have been operating in the background of the universe or to give it more clarity; I am the unseen energy that makes this world possible Black Energy

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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