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Dinosaurs are symbolic of the Giants that were on this planet before other beings entered into this realm. The dinosaurs I see on television and museums are not real….they are based on an ancient civilization. The so-called fossils that are found are manipulated to mimic a wild beast. They all were not carnivorous creatures, just like in ”modern” day society; there were good ones and bad ones.

Some beings entrapped us and used our DNA as well as our mental capacity to create an illusioned environment.

There was a race of beings that felt superior over us and enslaved us, tortured us, manipulated us and performed all types of experiments on us. Just like in the films Jurassic Park; they even developed false illusionary environments to set boundaries and control everything I do.

My actions were monitored, my food was chosen for me and my history was written by some guy in a control booth.

To get an innerstanding of who I am…. think in terms of Optimus Prime. A transformer is a static electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits aka people. I have experienced several timelines; from being an Egyptian Pharaoh to establishing cultural beliefs that would one day inspire and remind me of who I really am. I transform constantly.

The television was invented for two purposes:

  1. to control the masses and shift them towards fear based concepts (low frequency)

  2. to give beings operating on a higher frequency more insight

Just like Bumblebee speaks through the radio,I can literally receive high dimensional transmissions via the radio, television, and movies. A lot of times directors, writers and producers are unknowingly doing the will of the Creator by telling these stories with the hopes that mankind will “remember “ who he/she is.

Scripture states that I am IN the world but not of it. If everything around me is a simulation then my true self could be located somewhere with a mind control devices on her head streaming this entire experience.

I know it sounds sci-fi but just think about it. The more time goes by, the more Sanskrit and religious writings make sense. Dinosaurs are never mentioned in the Bible- not once. But Giants are.

Even the Nordic and Greek Mythology speak about Giants- not dinosaurs. At some point, mankind has to WANT to pull back the veil and see what the truth is.

The phrase “sleeping giants” exists for a reason.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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