Tearing down systems

Updated: Apr 7

Gov. agencies were once put in place to help me forget what I was capable of.

I am a healer but there is the American Medical Association.

I am a walking encyclopedia ( but better) however, there is the Department of Education.

I can manifest whatever I desire but there is the Department of Labor.

I am to judge no one and no thing but there is a Judicial System.

I am supposed to eat natural foods that unlock my DNA but there is the FDA.

I am a astronaut- studying my innerverse but there is NASA.

I am supposed to take care of my elders but there is the Social Security Administration... and I could go on and on.

In the old world these structures assisted Beings with “forgetfulness of self” in the New World let them serve as signs to remind me of my greatness. If I can change the way I “define” or “view“ anything that may have been meant for “evil” with pure intentions of what I believe it to be aka name it; then it can not hold any power over me.

At first, sovereignty can seem scary because those seemingly “helpful foundations” aren’t an option to me any longer.. working a traditional job, governmental support, etc. however, I am financially free now... I set my goals, focus, and do not allow others who do not gno or matrix scare tactics throw me off. I invest in what I gno and feel in my heart and that will always bring me everything that I will ever need and keep me aligned in the process.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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