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Updated: Apr 12

The word God is not just a word or a name. It is actually a phrase. A phrase that describes the attributes of my parents Ra & Raet. The phrase describes one who embodies the light or one who is aligned with creation.

There is only one Creator….. one true flame that keeps all sparks ignited. Those sparks are not just “beings”; even what I observe in nature is a spark from Ra & Raet.

The concept of gnoing this gnoledge AND living in the truth is what gives me the confidence to call myself a God.

On higher frequencies titles do not exist; so this awareness solidifies the fact that I am whatever and whoever I say I am with a innerstanding that I carry around a power that can only be attributed to a God.

Those God attributes were given to me as Ra & Raet sent me on my mission.

In Genesis chapter one it states how to receive the most important gift that my parents have given unto me….. to have dominion.

The definition of dominion is to be supreme, to be sovereign, to enter a Kingdom, to become a Lord or Master.

It also mentions to rule and subdue.

This is the original blueprint:

  • Rule: the origins of the word rule is to “stay straight” . This speaks in regards to timelines. If I am aware of the highest line possible and make efforts to remain there it becomes impossible to jump or zig zag onto other lines. To rule means to stay focused on my mission- my highest mission and influence all other timelines/people/places and things.

  • Subdue: the original meaning of subdue is to “draw from below”. This speaks in regards to me being able to raise my conciousness to the frequency of my parents or aka stepping into a higher frequency and claiming sovereignty.

Me claiming what is rightfully mine then turns me into an example for others and by them following my blueprint it thens gives them access to what is rightfully theirs and so on it goes.

This is how I became fruitful and multiplied:

G: Gift/Giver

O: of

D: Dominion

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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