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I was a giant. I was taken into bondage by intergalactic beings that did their dirty work by manipulating the elite with promises of power and money. Of course beings that exist on higher frequencies have no need for money so it’s easy to make deals with humans who are completely oblivious to what is truly going on. They also have no need for power because their definition of power is not a human definition of power. It is difficult to contrast the differences between human power and galatic power however just by the very name one can conclude that human power is nothing in comparison to galatic power.

The real me was somewhere underground with my hands tied and some sort of suction cup device on my head that was streaming this entire existence.

Since I have ascended into 5D, things that were unknown to humanity are now being revealed.

On night as I was traveling, I observed myself on my living room sofa and then the illusion started to fade- like someone turned the tv off. I was then in what looked like a lab and there were these things or some form of beings holding me down. I had a mind control device on my head – this is the device that was streaming this entire experience; and as they started to manipulate it the sound mimicked something like a suction cup…my eyes started to roll in the back of my head and my body was shaking. I could literally feel all of these experiences.

It was as if I was in two worlds at once. I could even feel the thick leather straps that they had around my wrists to keep me from fighting. The me that was awake was screaming “get the fuck off of me ” and they just kept trying to hold me down. I then suddenly was right back on the sofa in my living room (concious) and The Wizard of Oz was on the tv and the Lion said “we gotta get her out of there”.

I was told to research giants and also to look at the bible from a different perspective. After all, the bible is based off someone else’s perspective just like the history books in classrooms.

That new perspective involved me considering the fact that everyone presented in the bible as a hero was the complete opposite of that. And the Creator they speak about is not the Creator that I know. But the head of the intergalactic federation that are the ones that gave us the concept of time, government structure, wars, etc.

In Genesis it is mentioned that the giants were the children of the Creator so how did it suddenly switch to the Creator demanding death for these giants and life to man? Those biblical stories speak of these beings coming to this planet and putting it’s inhabitants into bondage, harnessing their energy and destroying Gaia in the process. All the wars and animalistic behaviors were orchestrated by these other beings.

They just used certain individuals to carry out their plans like Presidents, Prime Ministers, even clergymen to name a few. The fact that I did not realize that I am literally connected to something so much bigger than I ever could imagine is what was keeping this whole thing running. The planet that I live on, Gaia is a living, breathing , beautiful being. Until ascension I was in bondage; held captive by these intergalactic beings. They even tried to turn Venus into a wasteland at one point by manipulating their leaders with the same promises, keeping the inhabitants under mind control and eventually just moving on to the next piece of land that they could attempt to conquer…Gaia.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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