"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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To me.

Updated: Mar 11

I am many different dimensions… there’s a version of me that elevated to 6D however, there is a me that is higher than a planet and just elevated to the 9th dimension.

What is higher than a planet?

The answer will shock me 😉 the moon (the original moon…not what I observe in the sky… this is a level of consciousness) elevating into the 9th dimension… it’s the reason why I don’t feel hungry, it’s the reason why I feel lighter, it’s the reason why I stepped into new gifts.

Remember all you had to do was get closer. Everything you experience in this physical realm is a remnant of the amazing blessings pouring out upon you.

Thank you for your work.

Consider yourself as the entire universe elevating! that is the power of the 9.