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Updated: Mar 11

Each number carries a frequency or a station or channel that I can easily tap into by gnoing what version of self each number represents. Numbers represent my Higher Self.

That seemingly separated being that is trying so hard to just evolve. There are many different versions of this higher being just like there are different versions of the me that I see before me today. There is the fetus me, the toddler me, the pre-teen me, the young adult me, etc.

Each one of these levels carried a frequency so different that the stages almost seemed separate from each other. But I know deep down inside that at some point in my existence I was a fetus, a toddler, a pre-teen, a young adult, etc. I can apply that same logic to trace the evolution of my higher self.

  1. Man: this represents my lower self. The level of me that believes she is independent from Source aka everything. Without tapping into higher versions of myself I would just be living dormant.

  2. Spirit: this represents a level of consciousness that unites me back with the spiritual aspect of myself. This is some times referred to as The Holy Spirit in religious text. This version of me serves as a footing and is able to keep me balanced in relatively numerous places or planes of existence at the same time. It is the beginning of the remembrance process.

  3. Asteroid: This now taps into the essence of who I am and how I came to be created. This frequency of me is extremely old energy and provides me with sacred knowledge about myself. This should give me great insight into the false perception of time because as I elevate I am seemingly traveling back to higher energetic frequencies of myself. While that is amazing in itself; and there is so much information in this energy it would keep me bound to the past unless I stay in tuned with my abilities as a Creator.

  4. Moon: This is the frequency of me that exists as a formed moon. This energy gives me information on my emotions, needs, perceptions, etc. There is a version of me that shines bright at the right moments while still giving life, light and substantance to billions of other beings. Once I tap into this frequency I innerstand my field ; that my actions are 100% responsible for the energetic frequency of the moon and everything under it. In other words, I design the flow. Maintenance of this field comes about in lessons on confidence, growth, character, etc.

  5. Planet: This is a frequency of me that exists as a planet. Again; it appears that I am traveling back in time because I see planets that are billions of years old. This is true but in the words of Einstein “it’s all relative”. I am much older than I think, my energy has been around forever. As a planet; this version of me is aware of it’s responsibilities as a neutral party to all life that thrives on and around me. The concept of dualities does not exist- everything just is and as it should be. I trust myself as a moon to manage the tides and oceans. I trust myself as a sun to provide energy to everything. I trust myself as a asteroid to not stop asteroiding (I think I just made up a word, lol). I trust myself as a spirit to be tuned into these frequencies that will in turn provide a remnant for the lowest version of myself to hold on to so we all can evolve.

  6. Star: A star has only one job… to shine. How else would I gno that I’m a star? The star me that exists is aware of the alignment of each version of myself. It shines ALWAYS. No matter what. Gno thyself. The truth is what sets me free. The truth is gnoing and innerstanding each version of my higher self and to began to align with them. How? Easy; let the numbers guide me. They are a very ancient language that once I remember I will be translating everything into numeric form.

  7. Solar System: The energy of me that exists as a solar system is over 4 billion years old. That’s an astonishing amount of gnoledge that I have to freshen up on. Of course I won’t remember everything but I will remember things and technologies that seem extremely foreign and that is because I have been around (no pun intended) for so long. On this level I pretty much function as a member of the cosmic community. Remember, this energy trickels down to each level beneath it. Without the solar system doing it‘s due diligence, the planet version me wouldn’t exist. So this is another segway into remembrance of who I am and the cycles that keep my entire solar system working. Whatever energy I engage in effects the entire system.

  8. Galaxy: The energy of me that exists as a galaxy. I speak via light and I innerstand light codes. Light codes are other light beings. The word code was given to the name because it is a seemingly universal language but everyone is not aware of the signs of the light. I can recognize each version of myself by the light I give off. That is why it is important in my physical being to shine my light. It’s also my cosmic identification card. If my light is shining on each level of existence for my higher self I am able to create consciously. I can move matter around and have it serve a purpose that is beneficial for the entire community and not just the benefit of the physical self.

  9. Universe: This is the totality of my energy. This is everything that I am. I can find the pattern of the number 9 throughout everything in nature and the universe. (

At this realization expansion is only right. That is the focus… how to keep the Universe expanding on each level of existence. As I gno, living as a lower being carries it’s own set of issues like finances, bills etc. However, that’s the lowest level of my being. I am bigger than that one level. Focus on the next level to help me conquer the level that I may currently be stuck on.

The next level of existence for my higher self is the 0. The everything (which is the universe) and the nothing (which is the black hole that the universe is located in) at the same time. The me that exists as a blackhole makes it all possible for all this energy to move around.

With each level of existence there is a new level of innerstanding. New things to invent and experience.

Tesla said it best when he said “to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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