To be continued

Updated: Mar 7

As I start this meditation I wanted to write down some thoughts first before we get started. Number one if I messed up by paying the app fees and the cc balance off I’m sorry. I can say I’m not fearful but in the back of my mind is where my strength lies and I want to bring it the front. I innerstand that every piece of myself that I broadcast via my blog, my podcast or my show is my offering to the universe and also my way of saying thank you and leading by example. If I messed anything up! please reset me back on the right path the moment this meditation begins. I love you so much and with all of me.

*starts meditation *

meditation was interrupted by a phone call stating that I did not get approved for the apt but I can appeal it….

*restarts meditation*

interrupted again..bre is home from school and gave me some mail from directv


"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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