Three energy and what I can expect

Updated: Mar 9

The number three carries the frequency of creation. It takes one being to interact with another being to create the three. Whatever I worked on manifesting in 2018 and 2019 is manifesting in “now”.

I was able to pull away from time and noticed that the moment I thought of something it manifested; Depending on the energies I was having sex with to create in the first place ( please see how to have sex THE RIGHT WAY ). Hustling and doing physical labor that doesn’t serve my soul is beyond outdated; I am now in an age where I can utilize my power, energies AND have my ancestors assist with anything I put my mind towards.

I myself am a carrier of the three frequency ( 7+14 = 21……2+1= 3) I actually stepped into the “now” about two weeks ago. Which kind of gave me a “head start” with seeing the fruits of my labor.

Here are a few notes I bought back:

  • Pay attention to my reality. Reality is the place I visit when I go to “sleep”. Innerstand that while I am living the dream in the physical realm; I am actually watching my dreams take shape. Look at it like earth is my stage. If I haven’t been keeping a dream journal; start ”now”. I am literally going to feel like everything is familiar; even new places and people. That is because I observed it already. So keep a journal so I won’t have any missed opportunities.

  • Follow my instincts- this is where my ancestors come into play. They are rooting for me like a soccer mom on adderall so don’t let them down. Trust myself and trust my instincts.

  • Focus- This is an amazing ”now” filled with amazing opportunities. Even though it sounds easy I have to put the work in by noticing these opportunities, keeping a dream journal, meditation (if I don’t know how to meditate, there are some amazing guided meditations on Youtube) ,maintaing balance and most importantly leading by example. There are a lot of people around that are fast asleep- walking dead (The Walking Dead). I influence them by leading by example AND use their energy to help cook up something amazing using my alchemist tools; remember the art of deduction (That’s law!).

  • Have fun – I must innerstand that the entire universe is on my side- I can’t fail ( unless I want to.. but who makes a conscious decision to fail?).

Have a great now traveler 🧳🚀

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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