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Updated: Mar 9

There are certain shapes that once I start to view the angles from different perspectives it becomes uncalculatable (wait…….is that even a word? ).

Oh well.

Hyper-rectangular shapes are uncalculatable like dimensions. Nine is not a cap and neither is 12. The amount of dimensions depends on me and how high I want to go. Infinity doesn’t even exist. Any “time” verbiage does not exist, all those phrases like happy birthday, good morning, waiting, infinite, late, early, etc.,  send a signal to my brain telling me to pretty much get in line.

I can calculate “experience” by my level of amazement. Think of it as a watch but on a higher frequency. Numbers are a low vibration on a higher frequency that can only be “viewed” or “measured” by the level of amazement by me. This is where the phrase “to be in awe” came from. Awe is a location.

I experience the dimension of awe when I travel through lower dimensions. The higher I go depends on so many factors but one important thing is my movement. How am I moving? The lower I vibrate , the faster it seems like I am moving (to the observer). The higher I vibrate the slower it seems like I am moving (to the observer). That is why people who seem so busy are super stressed out. They are vibrating low but to us it appears that they are  very busy people.

The person that is vibrating higher seems like they are just coasting through life and to a certain degree that is exactly what I am doing. I noticed that when I am on the ground and I observe cars whiz by it appears that they are going relatively fast. However, when I view those same cars from a higher plane they appear to be going much slower. That is the law of relativity. When Einstein said “It’s all relative” that was in regard to everything. It is how I relate to what I am seeing. Now is the only thing that matters. Not what the Pope saw, not what NASA saw…it is how I relate to those things that are around me.

If I vibe with the things I see and experience; it’s because I can relate to it in some way. My level of relativity is what dictates the experience…how I am receiving or perceiving it. Let’s use the example of my “birthday”. Sure that date means something and it gives me insight and clarity, however, I would be a fool if I thought I was actually born on 7/14. I was in another plane before my mothers belly started to poke out. I was somewhere, and I was me, so what date is that? How does that impact my destiny and purpose? How come I beat out all the other sperm? Where did they go? Just because I left doesn’t mean that they no longer exist and vice versa. To the other sperms, I could have been a friend that just disappeared. They may even think I’m “dead” and I don’t even remember them which is the same concept of death.

However, in the grand scheme of things…it’s all relative. The law of relativity is a Universal Law…which means it’s not optional. In order to sustain in this Universe it is a law that must be followed.

to be continued.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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