Rules to Manifestation

Updated: Mar 7

  • The more “unique ” it is, the longer it will take to appear. For example say I want to manifest something like “I would like to see a black car”. Instantly the black car will appear. The car appears instantly due to the environment as well as other factors. If I am outside or on the road, the Universe can bring that specific request to me because the environment is already set for me to possibly see a black car.

  • Now let’s say I want to own a black car. This process will appear to take longer because the environment has to be created in order to get me to own a black car. Such as, do I know how to drive? Do I already have the money to purchase it? If not, the Universe has to do two things

  1. Release a black car from it’s current owner and get it to me.

  2. Put me in a position to now make enough money to purchase a black car.

If its the latter, the Universe has to bring me a black car by securing a source of income and a price range. So lots of options will come my way before what I truly want manifests. There will be steps I have to take to get to the ultimate goal which is owning a black car.

  • So keep that in mind when I am manifesting... don’t get bogged down by the concept of time. Time is a social structure not a real thing. I will follow up with more information on this topic as well as who the beings are that monitor the concept of time.

Until then… safe travels. I love myself

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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