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A mystic is a physical representation of the multiverse. One thing found in all worlds regardless of the elements are mystics. They are multi versed in different soul languages and can travel GNOINLY threw dimensions. Mystics travel via water vapors or clouds; they have the ability to control the weather. This is done by using inner alchemy and then the release of those substances result in weather phenomenon.

Rain is very flexible because it can be replicated from all different types of alchemal tools for instance I can cry if I use the elements of laughter (light vibration) it can result in rain (teardrops) with the elements of pain or anger (heavier vibration) it can result in rain and or thunder and lightning (action or movement).

When I use the tool of non attachment (law of deduction) this allows me to manipulate or construct whatever I desire because I innerstand that these are nothing more than instruments and not things to become attached to.

If someone is making me happy I have to maintain that same balance the same way someone may be making me upset. Look for the equal benefit in each situation or experience (aka keep that same energy). It’s usually found in the middle. Also keep in mind that a situation is different from an experience. Experience is the output of a situation. An experience is the sum. Situations require me to be under something while the experience is my que to move on.

For example, I sit in this location and I research the questions that elevate my soul and that always results in an experience that will shine more light on the things that I am paying attention to. That’s why it appears that the things I write are coming to pass. I can’t attach myself to any of the tools that I am required to use. If someone makes me display an emotion it is a tool for that moment and not something to be held on to.

There is a dream that I experienced a few nights ago. I was in bondage; being held down by some beings that did not look like me. I could feel a suction cup being ripped off my brain. My eyes were rolling in my head and my body was shaking. The room that I was in looked exactly like the room that I feel asleep in but I could tell it was just an illusion because behind what “appeared ” to be my living room looked like a lab. The sound of that suction cup coming off my head is something that I will never forget.

Consider all the fighting that we have done as a people just to fit in with a race that assumes they are superior. They thought they knew me better than I knew myself. I am apart of the only race of people that had to legally prove we are human beings. When the truth of the matter (and get ready because the truth hurts) is that I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING. I am from Source, I don’t even operate like a Human being because I am not supposed to. That shit about race is a distraction, what it boils down to is my being. When I was sold off to come to America it was because of the power I possessed. Not because I am weak and ignorant. I literally hold the power of this world in my hands. If I never would of came to America there would be no Wall Street, there would be no economy, there would be no culture. And since day one I have been led to believe that a human was Lord over me. Those days are done.

This is how powerful I am… I can just sit in meditation and change the course of the planet! I can have conversations with someone millions of miles away without physically moving. I can heal someone with a thought. And this has nothing to do with my skin color. Every being that walks on the surface of earth is melanated. But every being that walks on the surface of the earth doesn’t carry the same AMOUNT of melanin and every being that walks on the surface of the earth doesn’t Gno what its even used for. There are beings wearing tshirts that say shit about their melanin popping; but they are punching a time clock and are still slaves to a system.

You see the difference in knowing and gnoing?

Mystics Gno about the ART OF DEDUCTION

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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