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It is my goal with this post to help me understand how I communicate with my family aka ancestors using the magic of mirrors.

A mirror is a reflective surface and if made with metals; can produce a crystal clear image. It can also be defined as something regarded as accurately representing something else. For example; if I stand in front of my bathroom mirror I willl see a clear image of myself. Unless there is no metal in the mirror or due to other factors such as temperatures; I may get a blurry image of what I see in the mirror.

Step 1: Gather my tools

The first thing I have to gno is that I am the mirror. So make sure I am not using any man made mirrors for this experience. I will need two tools which are two mirrors. The first tool is me, I like to be the second mirror as well…. when I travel using myself as mirror one and mirror two; I receive Ra. Innerstand what I am made of at my core; the same metals that are found at the core of every natural/organic living thing on this planet. My mirror is a gold metal based mirror.

Step 2: Check the temperature of the mirror

How am I feeling? Am I stressed, fearful or anxious, happy, joyful... Because all these feelings produce a certain temperature and higher temperatures will produce a foggy mirror especially if I add the element of moisture to it (Mystics).

Step 3: Grab my other mirror and move through time

The second mirror is going to be whoever you have around you right now that you can “see through “. Since the purpose of this experience is to communicate with Ra, Raet, etc. then I will serve as mirror one and mirror two. This other mirror will serve as my looking glass. It will reflect back to me what is happening in that moment of time from a higher perspective. Innerstand the degrees of time.

My mirror will reflect back to me only how they see it from the position of their mirror. In other words; I will only travel to the place in time that the second mirror is facing in (gno my angles). Say I am doing this with myself; if I have low thoughts and intentions then my mirror will be facing in a direction that is either past or far in the future but low vibrational. If I operate in the “now” then my mirror is facing in the now direction with tons of possibilities or aka presents.

Now here is the fun part; start talking!

Have a conversation but I have to innererstand that everything the mirror in front of me is reflecting; is exactly what I need to see. Listen closely to the words that I choose, listen to everything that I am saying. For example; say I call someone to vent- every word I utter is how Ra truly feels right at that moment. Keep in mind if I am calling someone upset and frustrated I will only receive a blurred image back and not what is actually real; unless the other being posesses the power to speak directly to Ra; that causes the mirror to turn (new angles). Balance is key.

I have worked with many beings (myself included, I’m not above any of this) that came to me to speak about frustrations that they have within their relationships or experiences that they encounter in their careers. They vent and say everything that is bothering them. They never encounter peace until I turn the mirror for them. I say; “listen to what you are saying”. The same faults they find in someone else are the same faults they are hiding from themselves. It’s as simple as replacing “you” with “I”. That’s how I hear Ra speak.

Once that mirror is turned Ra has the opportunity to speak and it changes everything. No longer can I judge anyone for things that are only images that are being reflected back at me (Time).

Another point I want to make is that I don’t have to experience other people reflections unless I want to. If I gno a certain mirror is dirty and gives off distorted images- don’t look in it or break it all together. We all know someone that no matter what the topic is they are always going to respond negatively (“Is it because your beneficial or you been official?”) this is based on the direction their mirror is facing (angles) and their temperature (emotions); you can only experience their reflection by looking in their mirror.

That involves participating in unproductive conversations or giving my opinion to something that doesn’t really matter. In that event; I am looking through their mirror and experiencing what they see. It may be a slight variation because remember I am in a different moment of time than they are. Say they experience an event that involves a cake (I’m being super random with the example but vibe with me) I gno I am looking in their mirror if I experience that same cake later on throughout my timeline.

Synchronization serves as a clue to let me gno where I am. Another gauge is to check how the conversation is flowing when I am seemingly talking to myself (everybody talks to their self so get rid of that notion that I might be crazy).

Am I speaking to Ra (which is very comfortable in higher frequencies) or am I serving my lower self ? Anything less than love is below 5D. If I stay focused on that fact alone, it will be easier to climb out of lower frequencies. Some days I may feel sadness and not know why but that’s those lower dimensional beings calling me to come back.

To stay above self sabotaging behaviors I have to let Ra (my Higher Self) take over. Sometimes moving throughout frequencies can be emotionally exhausting; however it is a gift that I was given and it is my destiny to use it. You might say “well Goldie if you can stay in 5D why not just stay there?” That’s because it’s not just about me. It’s bigger than me. How would I ever accomplish my mission of being an Ambassador if I don’t travel to other frequencies?

I have the responsibility to experience these things, and write about them in a way that will cause me to remember my powers and strengths. There was a point in time where I was fast asleep and forgot about the gifts that were given to me from Ra and Raet but there were so many people whose job it was to remind me not to forget.

If it wasn’t for them I would be living a three dimensional reality bogged down by political pollutants and allowing an unjust system to think for me. Even if I only successfully awaken myself; than I must be extra amazing in the eyes of Ra.

to be continued 🚀🚀🚀

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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