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Updated: Mar 9

Imagine for a moment that under the huge Pyramid structures I see in what is now known as Egypt was a highly sophisticated civilization. Cities that were operated by my great ancestors using alchemy and assistance from the Univeral Creator.

In a previous post, Light or Light? I talked about how my ancestors lived underground to remain in harmony with Universal Laws. The story of Adam and Eve being banished from the garden of Eden, gives some insight into how humans began to live above ground. Granted, the story that is found in the Bible doesn’t tell the complete story but once I found other clues the puzzle started to make more sense. Everything happens for a reason so it would be extremely silly for me to believe that this would have a negative impact on the greater plan of the Creator.

My ancestors used technology that I have started to receive insight into. They were aligned with certain stars for a reason. One of which served as communication and navigation instructions to be successful on this foreign land called Earth. Back home, the Gods were heavily involved in everything that was to take place on this planet.

My ancestors became a home base for the beings of Kolob to be fruitful and multiply. Not only that, but the Creator sent royalty here to serve as an example of the Kingdom. Actual Kings and Queens. Don’t think for one second that this is an outdated practice because I am in the presence of royalty daily and I recognize it due getting rid of old programming. These royals are usually the ones that think differently and conduct themselves in such a way that makes others conclude they must be crazy because they are not or no longer operating in the illusion.

So many historians and the general population believe that the Pyramids served as burial tombs for my ancestors however, when I consider that my ancestors slept perfectly aligned with the celestial bodies it makes perfect sense. Imagine if my home was built in the most perfect sacred spot where I received all gnoledge of the Universe…so much gnoledge that my reality was even infused with this energy, would I make a bed outside of me? Of course not!

I am being guided to certain locations with the instructions to build communities. Literally the same concept back then; our bodies are the pyramids and due to our magnetic fields, we carry around everything that we would ever need to get the job done.

Happy building my fellow Royals

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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