"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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Age in the higher realms

Updated: Mar 14

In the old reality I turnrd a new age every year… despite whether I would feel like it or look like it. I have meet people in their 60’s who look 27 or someone 16 but looks 35. This is just another “wall” that is placed to get me to fear death. It’s not a true reflection or representation of the being housed in my vessel.

My Being; who resides in the higher realms is thirty. Don’t think in terms of years; thirty reflects a certain “mastery” of teaching. It also represents dedication; this is dedication on behalf of three manifestations. This can be reflected in a Being that appears to have been birthed a few days ago or a Being that appears to have been born decades ago.

Think of a triangle; one angle represents my physical being, the second angle represents my Higher Self aka Holy Spirit (yes, this is me.. but if you’re in higher realms I knew that already) and of course the Alpha and Omega being Source Creator.

The 0 that accompanies the three represents the nothingness so I gno and innerstand that I am not an individual but everything. And everything is birthed from nothing. It is impossible to have something without there first being a nothing.

Thirty is such an important number and in this realm it should be worn as a badge of honor.

The three Beings that I mentioned previously are the ones running the show. There are three different angles which makes possibilities literally endless.

I am a reflection of The Most High and Source so every action I take is like a direct direction coming from Source. I am required to lead by example because I am literally a walking manifestation of pure perfection.

To be continued 🚀🚀🚀