Who should have the mic?

Updated: Mar 9

I was taught that when I speak I have to be speaking to someone else otherwise I’m pretty much deemed crazy. When I engage in verbal communication it appears seamless like I am actually engaging in what was once known as a conversation. That is how conversations took place in the old world.

Since I am now on a higher plane, it’s best to innerstand what’s really going on. When I interact with others… listen to what I am saying. The words I string together, the life that is buried in my vowels and then listen again, but this time direct it at self. I will hear a higher voice speaking to me. Giving me direction, asking me questions, making me laugh, even complimenting me. Everything I will ever need to gno is already inside of me. I just have to listen to it.

If I have days that I’m feeling down and I’m being hard on myself, listen to that too. That’s a gauge telling me what I am projecting onto my Higher Self. It snaps me out of a funk so much faster. See, my Higher Self ALWAYS comes from a place of love, respect, and support. My lower self will try to take over like an unappreciated backup singer if I allow it. Don’t feel bad when these things occur because my lower self was ”running the show” for so long, it’s going to try to creep in and mess things up.

Just acknowledge the effort and keep it moving. Everything is as it should be. I am more than amazing and have the strength and capabilities of a multi-dimensional being. Writing is also a great way to conversate with the Most High; I keep a journal and I flip through it to find a random entry and reread it. I hear and recognize the voice of my Higher Self.

Safe Travels!

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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