Who is my Father?

In my last blog post regarding the concept of sex; I misspoke and I would like to offer clarification on that. After explaining the sexual process I said that “in the future, procreation would be mental”. Let me clarify that by saying that time is now.

In my travels I have witnessed that my body is a wormhole to enter into this three-dimensional realm and that my body is a spacecraft. Think about it, it’s what I use to go places in this realm. The only other way to travel without taking my body is mentally.

Do not accept the concept of a spacecraft like you see in movies; that’s just immature and extreme propaganda. A spacecraft is my actual body. Inside the “cockpit” houses a weightless, odorless consciousness that can move faster than the speed of light and has the ability to travel through dimensions aka Amun Ra.

When I participated in DNA testing, that was to tell me who helped build my spacecraft in this physical three-dimensional realm. I picked up some materials from the Ife, Panama, California, etc. in order to build the craft the way I see it today.

It’s written that I am just a thought in the mind of Amun Ra. I wrote about that process in how to have sex THE RIGHT WAY . Amen Ra created me in a way that I wouldn’t fully manifest into my true essence until I reached a certain point in time. That is how Ra was able to perfect creation.

I have that same power to create something that is purely of me. This explains that void from so many born in the 80’s whose fathers and mothers were not in the home due to various reasons such as drug abuse (which was really low-key alchemy) and criminal activity.

That energy was just reaching earth to let me know that there would be a day that I would have to pull away from illusions...Ra is doing a new thing. If there are some travelers out there who blame their earthly parents for ” not being there” congratulations you just leveled up. They weren’t there so you wouldn’t get attached.

I’m thankful for everything my earthly parents have done for my development but the most amazing thing I am thankful for is the fact that neither one of them went against the will of Ra by holding on to me.

It’s repeated everywhere to know yourself but on a surface level what does that even mean?

Especially if you are one who knows your family history and have direction in your life. You would think you knew yourself. But how accurate is family history when everything is literally based on someone else’s account? It’s THEIR truth; doesn’t make it a lie but if you weren’t there to experience it how do you know? So that wont tell you but so much about yourself without leaving some gray areas.

If your following religion you first have to get to know a few people Abraham, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, etc before you even get to trying to figure out who you are. There are so many CANT’S involved with religion how would you ever get genuine truth out of it? And again, these are just stories being passed along based on one person’s POV but then interpreted based on another persons POV (King James Version, etc) , which in turn is based on another persons POV (Pastors, Bishops,etc) which in turn is based on another persons POV (prophets)..and on and on and on it goes. So when do you know yourself?

The only thing that lines up and makes complete sense, grants me peace and I know in my heart is truth; is the fact that I am the same thing I see in the universe . I mean it literally; I am a star on a journey to become a planet. I engage in different experiences that advance my timelines. Each one of us makes our own His-tory. So the term know yourself goes HIGHER than just a three-dimensional plane.

Dig deep and see who’s idea I am…. after all; we all are just our Father’s ideas.

To be continued…….

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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