Where’s the spoon?

Updated: Mar 11

I remember that scene from Coming to America when the older gentleman from the barbershop told a joke about a guy that ordered soup and he kept asking the waiter to taste it...If you’re not familiar with this scene (shame on you) the old man (played by the great Eddie Murphy) kept saying “taste the soup” until the waiter finally gave in and asks “ok, where’s the spoon?” Eddie Murphy’s character raises his finger and says “ah ha!”

The point of the joke is that even though he received what was made for me; he now lacks the tools and resources to even enjoy it.

That’s a great analogy to innerstand my role as an alchemist in higher dimensions. See, I can create all day however, the only way yo truly utilize my creations is to be mindful of my tools. The best tool I have as an alchemist is the power of words. Life and death can be decided by my words. My words have a cadence that stirs the elements that I use.

I have posted several blogs where I spoke about words and their power. I used to take it for granted because I did it all the time... talk. On average a person can speak 20,000 words per day. That’s 20,000 stirs of their spoon. Once I gained patience in speech and innerstood ALL of my creative abilities; I cut that down to about 5,000 - 8,000 words per day (possibly less). Why? I innerstand that words are tools and should be spoken to encourage the betterment of my field. My field is my creation. Everything that I experience, I created it.

It may not seem like that to some because they might still subscribe to traditional time concepts; however, when I operate on universal time I can see that I spoke something years ago and today I am experiencing seemingly unrealted experiences....until I notice the synchronicities.

That’s the power of the spoon.

Since I’m not a weirdo; I have to interact with people and people talk to get a response from them - however I innerstand that everyone doesn’t deserve a response. If I allow others to dictate the words I use then I am allowing them to use my spoon..... however they want to.

Please don’t think in terms of negativity because in this dimension duality is a very low vibration. My creation could never be good or bad so it should never be called that. It should only be called what it is and that’s my creation.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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