What time is it?

Updated: Mar 9

Free will is actually a free wheel. I entered the “now” by moving forward-dislocating myself from time. I was in the sow direction of the wheel which was moving me backwards and I used the aspect of time to calculate this. However, numbers are just 0-9 scientifically the time can’t technically change. It’s a false structure that was keeping my wheel moving backwards. Just like hands on a clock… I “point to spaces of time” by using “experiences “ as a measurement. A watch will always point to 1,2,3,4,5 ,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 based on experience.

I access those points of “time” by what I am consciously aware of. If I focus on now I experience now. If I focus on other points of “time” that’s the time it is for me…. I go to work tomorrow because I went today and based on experience I will probably be there on Wednesday too. That’s the same day over and over again. “Now” was located in those potential opportunities that I did not see because I was confined to time and therefore living in the past.

I gno what time it is based on the position of my hands. What I am creating causes my wheel to move forward. This is not hypothetical but a real wheel that causes movement of experience that is linked to memory. That is why I can interact with someone that I seemingly just met and it seems so familiar. Remember, a situation is the parent of an experience. Every situation WILL (WHEEL) result in an experience. If everyone understood what “now” is and disregarded the false concept of time we could eliminate so much pettiness; everyone would literally synchronize. Based on the sole concept of time beings can’t sync because 3:00 to me doesn’t mean 3:00 to you. This goes against the notion that we are all connected. Unless, time is the erroneous information. If I arrived at a location based on instinct and you did too and out of that birthed an experience.We are in this location based on some other reason , some higher power that has nothing to do with “time” . If we were to be in that location based on the fact of it being 3:00 ; is that based on your perspective of 3:00 or my perspective of 3:00?. It could be 3:00 and 1 second to me but it could be 3:00 and 0 seconds to you. Now that concept is based on the experience of the time and the time only.

Our memories can access information from the Akashic Records ; which I will dive more into later but if you aren’t familiar with the Akashic Records it’s a compendium of all human events, emotions, languages, intentions, etc. that is housed in what I call the aether. Think of it like the most popping library ever, but get the brick and mortar visual out of my head, so more like Amazon but way more fresher …

Okay so back to time; say I want to calculate time, well first I have to figure out my velocity; according to science that depends on the platform I use as a reference (frame).The reference frame could be the ground, a plane, the core of earth, the sun or the cosmos. We are made up of the same elements as the earth, sun, cosmos,etc. so we serve as reference frames. This shatters the theory of universal time and maintains the theory of intuition/memory being the correct “watch ” that should inform me of what time it is.

Isn’t it funny that the word “watch” literally means to see something?

to be continued…..

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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