What school did I go to?

Updated: Apr 26

My morning started off so amazing! It’s Wednesday…. fast day!! And I wore my yellow dress. I have to be light and lite..bright enough to shine light enough to soar… so the days that I do a full fast I’m going to dress as “light” as possible.

I wish I could get someone to make all my clothes for me. I want dresses like the one I have on today and maybe some news boy pants but I want them to be super long to cover my feet.

Anywho- the less fabric I have on my vessel the lighter my weight is which will allow me to receive what the universe has for me. I realized that I do some sort of fast everyday- which means I have gifts to unwrap every day because I am light enough to receive them. I hope that makes sense.. also I looked up which planets are associated with the days of the week:

Monday Moon / assigning to # 4

Tuesday Mars / assigning to # 3

Wed Mercury / assigning to # 5

Thursday Jupiter / assigning to # 9

Friday Venus / assigning to # 8

Saturday Pluto / assigning to # 7

Sunday Sun / assigning to # 6

I assigned them to numbers because remember we are in a matrix and the numbers govern on a Quantum level so whatever happens above has to happen below. If the celestial bodies are the gate keepers of above then the numbers are the gate keepers below.

Each day, I can expect these beings to assist me with whatever their attributes are. For example Today Mercury is the “gate keeper” she gives me the ability to think, intellect, communicate and curiosity, tap into information and will assist with my “travel”…

Last week, I was complaining to my Dad about how much I pay to get to work every day, fast forward to this am..I was in a Lyft car and my driver asked me how much do I pay to get to work. I told him I pay $30.00 each way so he offered to take me every morning for $20.00 but we agreed on $23.00 for tolls and such. So Mercury is doing her thang; she helped me with my travel issues!

Okay so back to the “technical stuff” ….The days that are assigned to the Celestial Bodies can change depending on the “age” that I am in. Saturn used to govern Saturday and I am well aware of the things that Saturn has brought into my field- I am thankful for Saturn however it’s time for Saturn to take a break so I assigned Saturday to Pluto (my old neighborhood ) which literally makes them “the head”.

I am really interested to see how all this pans out going forward.

Anywho here are the attributes of the planets:


Unity, consciousness, self-awareness, resurrection, development, life, evolve, balance, inheritance, destiny, purpose, light, abundance, high frequencies. Represents how I see/sea this reality and how it is structured, building, work, analyzing blueprints, helps with maintaining a schedule known as “the boss”. Rules all


What I can see and sea consciously, influence currency and current seas, creativity, appearance, tied to wants, actions, light, also how others see/sea me. - The sun rules over Leo and Leo alone.


The ability to travel in the fourth and fifth dimension, innerstanding of subconscious realm or true state of being, giver of memories and my soul. I will have dreams that will give me insight on things that are on the way to materializing – The Moon rules over Cancer and Cancer alone.


The ability to think, intellect, communicate and curiosity, tap into information and will assist with “travel” – Mercury rules over Virgo and Gemini


Intent, will power, passion, motivation, desires, ulterior motives, true intentions and goals. When Mars is not being fed (meaning if I am not giving this energy to Mars- it will play out in a way where I feel anger) – Mars rules over Aries and Scorpio


She assists me with all matters of love, relationships even within myself. She helps balance my emotions. Venus rules over Taurus and Libra


Growth, abundance, alchemy, communication- Jupiter rules over Pisces and Sag

What does it mean to rule over?

Ru: element

Le: forming

To rule over just means they supplied some of the ingredients to get me to where I am aka they are the elementary school I talked about in “….how did I get here and why?”. I have some form of Pluto energy ..I am a Cancer so the elementary school I attended was The Moon.

Since the Moon is a satellite and not technically a “planet”; my entire makeup came from Pluto however, I can see myself in every sign because of the Moon giving me my start…when I was there I was taught how to tap into ALL frequencies, communicate and travel throughout space and time.

Hopefully this will help me figure out which elementary school I attended while on my journey of evolution.

Safe travels!

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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