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What is the meaning behind 666?

Updated: Mar 24

The first two sixes represent the current script that is running in this realm. There are 66 books in the bible (that is why it’s called scripture- it’s just a script). The last 6 speaks to the next book. Or the next script. The old scripts have been running for so long in this realm. It is time to rewrite it and take Earth (and it’s inhabitants) on a course of evolution and no longer stagnation.

The new script is being written from Pluto or aka your heart- and the energetic signatures are arriving to Earth in real time. Even the designation of Pluto equals six (134340). Of course this realm has dismissed Pluto as a small object however size is such a non essential topic; think of quantum mechanics. Also, if you consider that the physical sun powers the illusions that are found in this realm, it makes sense for Pluto to be far away from it.

The last six is not evil...at all. It’s actually bringing freedom to live, freedom to think, freedom to grow and the freedom to create. This is coming out of time and grasping the now. By ignoring the illusions that the realm places in front of me and listening to my intuition to let that drive my “perceptions“, literally took me out of time. If one focuses on the illusions- the realm will continue to make copies of the same content over and over again.

The heart- is the true mind. It represents life, neutrality and evolution.

Do you innerstand why certain system’s are crumbling such as political structures, banking structures, etc? It’s because the system has been hacked and in return everything seems “off”. It’s the reason why everything is being exposed. There are people out there who do not want to change the script; they want to hang on for dear life. The reason; it has benefited their bloodlines for so long and this is the only realm that they are able to survive in.

It’s also the reason why you see so many people trying to “tap” into our DNA by having melanated babies. It’s a “survival instinct“ whether they conciously gno it or not. This is not about race; this literally speaks to the power of Dark Matter; however I will get more into that later.

On July 14, 2015 a spacecraft named New Horizons flew by Pluto. They observed ingredients for life on the planet. This was the first time a flyby was ever performed by humans on Earth and those numbers are not a coincidence; speaking of numbers; Pluto isn’t even the name of it, it’s name is a binary code. To be honest I shouldn’t even call it a planet because that’s just a title that limits it’s movement- that’s the blessing in disguise when humans said it was no longer considered a planet- it gave it the opportunity to move “outside of the box”.

Kuiper Belt is considered an entire neighborhood to me; as I have mentioned in previous post it is where I originated from. It is my home and I cherish it.