What is love?

Lately I have been asking myself what love is. Like everyday for the past few days. The definition that I found did not suffice. I believe that love has nothing to do with emotion...that it is something that is constant....like air. So every definition that I found that was based off of emotions and relationships just didn't sit right.

It all started when I was researching the New Horizons mission. If we were not introduced to the heart that is on Pluto until July 14, 2015; where did we get the heart concept from? Where did we get associating it with love from? It must have meant something else at some point in time....to be in love.

To be in love speaks of a location not an emotion. Love comes from the french word oeuf, which means the egg. It represents the shape of a zero - which is everything and nothing at the same time. In ancient Indian cultures such as the Mayan's they used the zero to represent space and time. The thing that we are inside of.

To be in love speaks about breathing in the "atmosphere" of a higher frequency- that atmosphere is called love.

When I came to this innerstanding the first thing I did was take a deep breath; it even tasted sweeter.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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