what is a name?

A name is a boundary or parameter. If I am named Goldie it limits me to only be that. But there are so many different possibilities of who I can be. I could be called Sandra or Bihiyia but those names limit me to a Sandra or Bihiyia experience only. A name is just like being type cast in Hollywood. People see you one way and they develop an emotion behind it and expect to see you that way always. If the Source of our Creation says that we are to grow and learn everyday than I have learned that I am not me from yesterday, but me now. They are two different things. For example: before I started to consciously experience Gaia and everything she has to offer; I was named Goldie, mom , girlfriend, analyst, etc and once the veil became thinner and thinner on this reality; I no longer wanted to be boxed into any of those titles because they were so limiting. I would say “I want to travel the world “ and my response would be “Goldie, you can’t do that, you have responsibilities in Richmond…. maybe once you retire “. Or “ I want to give up all my possessions because I feel like they are holding me back” and the response would be “ your crazy (another title)”. Or how about when your looking to venture out into a new field career wise and no one will give you a chance because you have been a secretary for the last five years. That’s type casting… just because I was a secretary yesterday doesn’t mean that I can’t be a CEO today. Perspectives change constantly because we are constantly evolving. I even feel crazy by labeling my experience here as something like a reality vs dream. Aren’t both of those angles based on the observations of the one experiencing it? Your reality is what you make it and so is your dream…. it’s based on your observations or your own understanding of it. The way I see things; everyone doesn’t agree but that doesn’t make me wrong or them. We are experiencing different things but we are all one so each spectrum should be loved even if you don’t see it the way I see it. I do not want to limit myself to anything, I am free to experience whatever timeline I choose at any “now” I choose. The only catch is that I have to be willing to experience change. For example… if I am an analyst but I want to experience the timeline of a writer then I need to write. I can’t consume all my nows with analyst behaviors and actions. I have to step into being a writer in order to shift the timeline. It’s the same concept with people experiencing lack. Are your actions of a person with abundance or a person with lack? That’s the best way for me to describe how to shift timelines (I promise to write more on this topic). It’s also based on how you view yourself… are you still viewing yourself as a secretary or a CEO? Titles limit you from being everything that you could ever imagine…… so just be.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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