What is a dream?

Updated: Mar 9

Welcome back, Travelers!

This morning around 4 am I was awakened out of my sleep by a voice that said: ” let me explain to you what a dream is”. Now, before I go any further, I did not ask any questions about dreams before I woke up, I was literally dreaming that I was returning a Porsche 911 back to the rental counter and then I suddenly woke up to the voice offering to explain what a dream is to me.

So here I go:

“The main reason why I did not innerstand what a dream was, is because I had the entire definition twisted. I thought that once I laid down to go to sleep and drift off, I was in a dream state. That is the entire opposite of what is going on.

To dream is to EXPERIENCE MY THOUGHTS. As a human being, I can only physically experience my thoughts or make them manifest in a three-dimensional realm. I experience that realm when I am “awake”. As a traveler, when I leave this realm I go to the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions and once I return to this plane; that is when I EXPERIENCE my dreams. This world right here in front of me..is just a dream. It is just an illusion….which I have created.

I am made up of exactly the same thing I see in the cosmos. When I look at this picture, what do I see? I see Source.

Or do you see the planet and some stars? Every inch of darkness in this picture is of Source. It’s one of the only constant things that are not even fully understood in the entire galaxy. Dark Matter (well that is what people call it, I call it Supreme or Source), which is the same thing I see every time I close my eyes. Even a blink is a reminder of who I belong to; albeit a quick one, but a constant one.

That God that people keep writing about….is me. I am a creation from Source…..the shining star from the cosmos…….. the Sun of Man. St. Thomas said it best “The Kingdom is within you”.”

So where the hell is hell?

Hell has a geographic location. To experience it is to be IN it. Every day, 12-20 times per minute I experience it when I INHALE. I have mentioned the deceptive nature of language before. Be wise in all my innerstanding. Those devils with pitchforks that I see depicted in literature, religion, and art; they are the politicians, judicial systems, tax man, preachers, education system, titles, untapped potential, depression, fears, greed driven corporations, etc..

Everything outside of me is just a three-dimensional reality that I have the power to control. Shed those dogmas and outdated beliefs….those are the things that used to keep me in bondage. Remember, I am in this world…not of it.

to be continued…

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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